Top Ten Comic Book Character Rip-Offs

Every once in a while, while we're reading comics and we say to ourselves, "Where did I see him/her before?"

Structure: [Rip-Off Character]-[Original Character]

The Top Ten

1 Deadpool - Deathstroke
2 Hawkeye - Green Arrow
3 Thanos - Darkseid
4 Bumblebee - Wasp
5 Green Lantern Corps - Nova Corps

NOTE: I meant to put it the other way around. I put Nova Corps-Green Lantern Corps on this list. - KingofHoundooms

6 Ms. Marvel - Superman Ms. Marvel is the name of several fictional superheroes appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics.
7 Vision - Red Tornado
8 Aquaman - Namor
9 Killer Croc - Lizard
10 Nova Corps - Green Lantern Corps

The Contenders

11 Black Cat - Catwoman


12 Sentry - Superman
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