Top 10 Best Comic Book Movies for People Who Don’t Like Them

This is a list of comic book films you can use to convince people who say don’t like this type of film.

The Top Ten Best Comic Book Movies for People Who Don’t Like Them

1 Joker

One of the greatest look at a comic book character that many people can relate to - germshep24

Actually this film is slightly better to people who don’t like the sub genre. but still has some small references to the world of Batman for people who want to feel the comicbook world. - Sa26

2 The Dark Knight

The greatest made superhero movie I think many could appreciate the effort that went into this movie to see it beyond the superhero genre - germshep24

I’m not the biggest fan of this film however I had to add it because it’s considered one of the best films of all time by most critics and movie buffs. - Sa26

Better than Joker 2019

3 Iron Man

This the best of both worlds I think it’s equally enjoyable for people who love and for the ones who say hate this type of films. - Sa26

4 Spiderman

The first SpiderMan film by Sam Rami film was loved by everyone who saw it, So really love or hate this sub genre it’s considered a most watch. - Sa26

5 Batman: The Movie

It can appeal to people who don't like comic books, but like comedy. - girlcool

6 Deadpool

This is a great R rated Comedy so you either love or hate the sub genre it’s a film you’ll enjoy. - Sa26

7 Captain America: Winter Soldier

This is more like a spy thriller so if you like movies like Bourne, you will definitely enjoy this one. - Sa26

Plays more like a spy thriller more than a superhero movie - germshep24

8 Superman II

It’s one of the very first superhero films ever made and introduced us to Christopher Reeves as an actor.

It’s a film you can easily enjoy just for the romance. - Sa26

9 The Wolverine

It can appeal to people who like Japanese culture and samurai-related action films. - girlcool

10 X-Men 2

Added because it was a groundbreaking superhero movies turning the very idea of being a mutant into an allegory for homosexuality and acceptance, which is big for a superhero movie for non superhero lovers for the story to have some more depth than character arc and then beat the bad guy roll credits - germshep24

The Contenders

11 Ant-Man

Consider this more of a heist/Comedy film than a comicbook film and you will have a great time watching it. - Sa26

12 Logan (2017)
13 Wonder Woman
14 Spiderman Homecoming
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