Top 10 Comic Book Superhero Couples


The Top Ten

1 Spider-Man + Gwen Stacy
2 Spider-Man + Mary Jane Watson
3 Superman + Louis Lane
4 Cyclops + Phoenix
5 Spider-Man + Black Cat
6 Deadpool + Death
7 Daredevil + Elektra
8 Batman + Catwoman

They are always the first superhero couple that pops into my mind. And they're both actually heroes, unlike a few of the other options here where it's just the guy saving the day. Catwoman ain't no damsel.

9 Ironman + Pepper Potts
10 Nightwing + Batgirl

The Contenders

11 Starfire + Robin


12 Beast Boy + Raven

They are the best! They should be number one!

13 Batman + Wonder Woman
14 Joker + Harley Quinn

People may go against this ship because it's considered an "Abusive Relationship" but what could you expect from the Joker? I'm pretty sure anything normal to social standards doesn't include the Joker, and that craziness he has is the reason why Harley Quinn still stays with him after all he gives her. There are so many other ships with Harley Quinn that other fans prefer because it's more ideal and accepted, but that's the exact reason why this ship exists. Harley Quinn never wanted things to be normal and she knew it, that's why she fell for the Joker. It may seem very one-sided because of all the affection Harley Quinn shows that the Joker doesn't give back, but the Joker is crazy and he has his own way of being affectionate even though it can be extreme. In most scenarios when Harley attempts to question her love for him, Joker doesn't realize he needs her until she's gone.

Thumbs up.

15 Superman + Wonder Woman
16 Captain America + Black Widow
17 Green Arrow + Black Canary
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