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Batman aka Bruce Wayne is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27. In film, he has been portrayed by Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, more.


Three words: BATMAN ARKHAM CITY. But honestly batman is the best hero of all time. The dark knight trilogy is severely overrated but that doesn't stop the world greatest detective from being the best superhero of all time. His character has so much depth, sometimes I almost cry because of how much of an amazing character he is. All of his villains are great and the joker is the opposite of him in every way which is why he is also the best villain of all time. Kevin Conroy is the best batman bar none. Play the video games, read the dark knight returns. BE AMAZED!

I think Batman is one of the two superheroes (Spider-man being the other) who have the most compelling stories of why they became crime fighters. Young Bruce Wayne saw his parents killed right before his eyes because of a dysfunctional law and order. He became the Dark Knight of Gotham to fill in that void and to make sure that there would not be another child in Gotham losing a mother or a father. His and Spiderman's stories are deeply personal and thus, relate to many who wants to make a difference in a dysfunctional world.

Although he can be beaten by some of the more powerful heroes, batman has Possesses no powers, has the most depth, the best stories and the best villains. He's a genius, an accomplished escape artist, a pro race driver, he would basically win every event at the olympics, he's an acrobat, a gymnast, the worlds greatest detective, a stealthy ninja, a pilot, has had experience with pretty much all forms of combat, a master of countless martial arts, has been called "fear itself", is a complete badass and has therefore earned the title "the damn batman"

Superman may be the first superhero, but DC made and EVER BETTER ONE with Batman! How can a guy, with no powers, is the only man in the Justice League and fight alongside heroes with superpowers and Gods? Why would a guy with all the money in the world decide to use it in creating gadgets, vehicles, and technology, to help him fight crime and save a city?


The Dark Knight is simple the best of all... I like all superheroes, I grow up with superheroes. everyone is a legend for me. when I was a boy my favorite was of course spidey or superman. when I grow up I realised that batman has depth like no other. batman is dark, real. batman is just quality.. thank you christopher nolan for showing the world what batman can really be..

For superman, it is just to easy, he has powers. Batman on the other hand doesn't need powers.
Batman: Don't let me find you out here again.
Brian: We're trying to help you!
Batman: I don't need help.
Dr. Jonathan Crane: Not in my diagnosis!
Brian: What gives you the right? What's the difference between you and me?
Batman: I'm not wearing hockey pads!
- sam11855

Read my name, this vote should be no more of a surprise to anyone than the fact that the Bat came in first did to me. He's the freakin' Batman for christ's sake! He was described by Clark as being the most dangerous man on the planet. Hey if you spook the Man of Steel, you gotta' know that you're the baddest there is! - darkknight9761

Everyone who has seen THE JUSTICE LEAGUE knows BATMAN is the best and coolest SUPERHERO from his genesis, persona, costume, gadgets, weapons everything makes him the best
True, other superheroes have potential and substantial supernatural power but even they get victimized by super villains and seems that everything has failed.
But always in the end BATMAN saves the day. 'ALWAYS'

He doesn't have any superpower, but he just uses his brain... The most interesting part is about his Villains. No other villains are this brilliant as compared to that of Batman's, like 'The Joker', 'The Two Face', etc. So it is clear from his victories that he is more smart than them, and of course, smarter than other superheroes...

Batman can do everything. He is ultimately the best because he is the best proof that heroes need no superpowers to become superheroes. His world looks as if it is real because such superpowers which are possessed by superman and spider-man are not real. I once again say, BATMAN IS THE BEST.

Batman's the best. He has been so well developed as a character, with a solid personality that is further deepened by his haunting origin story. He has a dark side that helps us relate to him as a person, unlike many other superheroes. He also has no powers, relying only on his wits (and, admittedly, money) to take down crime. Batman is, without a question, the best.

Batman is arguably the best superhero ever created. The reaosn is because he is mortal, therefore he can be defeated which gives the character a certain vulnerability which creates suspense. Characters like Superman basically cannot be defeated which makes the story less interesting and predictable. - dvsbrwn

None other than this exceptional super hero character. Thanks Bob Kane for giving us such an inspiring super hero character who with all odds in his life, become a legend and sacrifices his entire life saving his city no matter what stands against him, not even The Man of Steel-Superman. He is The Dark Knight.

Spiderman spins a web at you. Batman throws a bat at you with amazing precision. Superman can fly. Batman has an awesome glider which looks epic. The green lantern looks like a bogey. Batman has a dark, mysterious suit and mask. Spiderman has enemies with loads of arms and electric people. Batman has scary and creative characters like the joker and two face. Batman kicks tuche. - Mushroom99

He is the best... EVER. No superpowers just great intelligence and peak human strength. He is also great because he has a sense of sacrifice. He cares about others at the same time he can defeat anyone just give him an evening before a fight and his opponent is gone doesn't matter who it is.

The most bad-ass superhero there is: great detective, unbelievable fighting skills (from the league of shadows), and he's very... Human. He isn't indestructible and fights for the protection of gotham and for the wayne legacy... Just perfect. 'because he's batman

Batman is the best because he always has plans to defeat anybody and because he has no powers he's the most exciting hero out there because your on edge watching him fight these super humans and in doom he had plans to take out the whole justice league you can't mess with batman!

Batman is by far the best superhero because he can take out anyone in his path without super powers. Batman is realistic. He can actually be real! He does all of the things the others do, except his is actually done realistically. Ready for the new Batman movie!

Batman is a symbol which signifies any normal person can be a hero. A hero's main quality is courage and I think no one better than Batman can show this courage. Batman has been idol to all superheroes as well who are as immortal as gods.

Batman also has a better contest with Joker and arkam asylum and arkam city was a huge success and how his story was made its just to good along with how he felt and also because it's creative and a little more realistic

Greatest comic character ever. plot is quite practical I suppose as compared to any other comic character. This hero presents an unbounded and brilliant range of mood and plot flicks that it nearly covers all the entertainment genres.

Batman is and will always be the best because he is so unmercifully by the way he beats the crap out of everyone, but he is at the same time so merciful because he will never intentionally kill someone, no matter how evil of a person they are.

Because he's darkness itself and he can win against any one no matter how powerful he is or she is + batman's stories are always the best and they contain huge life lessons if I tried to talk about the bat I will spend my whole life writing

He's the best for the sheer quality of character he constitutes. The psychology of Batman and the incredible detailed world that surrounds him offers a more complex and compelling basis for a story than anything else in fiction.

Batman is the definition of a hero. He has no superpowers, just his human strength and intelligent brain. Bats is smart, hot, and the reason the Justice League can be successful in like, half of their missions.