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181 Bhediya
182 Hellboy Hellboy Hellboy is a fictional superhero created by writer-artist Mike Mignola. The character first appeared in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2. V 1 Comment
183 Arvind Kejriwal

This guy is a politician not a Superhero. Are people crazy?

184 Patrick Immelman

That's sponge bob with 2 7 - Batmaniscole

185 Fauladi Singh

An Indian Super hero

186 Parshu

Parshu is the new age superhero in the streets of Mumbai. Just a normal guy with an Indian mythological axe which yields special powers. Modern take on Parshuram. Amazing hero. Must buy book by Orange Radius

187 Tick V 1 Comment
188 Supandi
189 LJ

You can love him or hate him. But can't ignore him

190 RC
191 Alan Ford

Number 1 and his jokes are hilarious. Must see this.

192 Nick Fury Nick Fury

This guy is one of the best heroes ever.

193 Alucard Alucard
194 The Crow
195 Nova Nova

Affan and nova is the best superhero ever! They should be in number 1

A lot higher than that. What happened to him in 1980s?

Nova is cool powerful and shouldn't be at 154

V 2 Comments
196 The Question

Still more facial expressions than Kirsten Stewart

197 Kilowog Kilowog

Big bad green lantern trainer

198 Saint Walker

The best of blue - My favourite lantern corps

199 Franklin Richards V 1 Comment
200 Merryman
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