Top Ten Comic Book Superheroes

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161 Ichigo

The Hero from anime series BLEACH

162 Arvind Kejriwal

This guy is a politician not a Superhero. Are people crazy?

163 Fauladi Singh

An Indian Super hero

164 Parshu

Parshu is the new age superhero in the streets of Mumbai. Just a normal guy with an Indian mythological axe which yields special powers. Modern take on Parshuram. Amazing hero. Must buy book by Orange Radius

165 Tick V 1 Comment
166 Supandi
167 LJ

You can love him or hate him. But can't ignore him

168 RC
169 Alan Ford

Number 1 and his jokes are hilarious. Must see this.

170 Alucard Alucard
171 Nova Nova

Affan and nova is the best superhero ever! They should be in number 1

A lot higher than that. What happened to him in 1980s?

Nova is cool powerful and shouldn't be at 154

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172 Franklin Richards V 1 Comment
173 Merryman
174 Awkwardman
175 The Blimp
176 The White Feather
177 Dumb Bunny
178 Hulk Buster

Absolute bad ass who knocked a tooth out of the Hulk

He can kill the hulk and anyone put hulk buster on third

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179 White Panther
180 Captain Vyom V 1 Comment
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