Super Commando Dhruva


You are not Superhero because you are born differently or you have fallen from other planet or you are defective peace of some chemical/magical blast. You are because you choose to be the one. Because you choose to live for others. Because you choose to fight against evil. So that the rest of the world can continue living. A true Superhero is made by his decisions. For example: Super Commando Dhruva.

Dhruva is the only one which always inspired me in my whole childhood. Even now I thinks that the only Super Hero in this world which can stand against Batman is Super Commando Dhruva, cause they are nearly alike in all their ways. Both of them having a tragic history (parents killed in childhood), no weapons and killing, depending solely on human strength and intellect, matured more than enough to inspire and guide other super heroes in joined ventures and on top of all this, a strong will power to never loose and give up in any situation.

I've always followed these guys acts and somehow they both have changed my inner self to what it is today now, and I am really proud of it. A big salute to creators of both these super heroes.

Dhruva is someone a common young Indian can identify with. No superpower just a sharp mind. His ability to use the commonplace things around him to defeat even the worst of the villains is unmatched in the comic world. His philosophy to kill the crime not the criminal is unique. His calm and composer, love for the animals, uprightness and high ethical values have inspired the generations of Indian kids and youth.

Super Commando Dhruva challenges the natural image of a superhero. He does not have any super power, is not super rich, does not carry military grade ammunition and although adopted still has a loving family and is a very social person. He loves people, animal and nature and is not a sociopath.

The only reason he won't be in top ten is because his comics are in Hindi and there is hardly a comic culture in India but my vote and heart goes to my super hero - Super commando Dhruva

Super Commando Dhruv is the best Superhero because he is no Super human.
He is everyman.
He has no special other-wordly powers.
He epitomizes the human pinnacle because his superpower is his brain.
Something that each one of us possesses. This makes him all too real and believable.
He is the closest to real life because his solutions and crime-fighting are done from the point of view of a normal human being.
He is like us in any situation. He thinks of ways to overcome his villains in a way that any human would.
He is me. He is you. He is the superhero that we all become when we are faced with difficult situations.
He has no secret identity because he does not need one.
This makes him even more deep-rooted in reality.
He is the superhero we all can become. He is the superhero we all need.
He is the superhero we all are.

The best thing about Dhruva is, his intelligence...I could never expect somebody can become IRON MAN or BATMAN in real as the technology they use...we are far behind! But you can relate Dhurva with a guy who posses best of fighting skills whether its martial arts, jujutsu or free style along with a great brain. So I will never get surprised if I see a well built fellow riding on a bike on street fights with anti social elements for the sake of humanity tomorrow rather then a flying man like superman or iron man! Dhruva you're the best and if someday I am able to earn enough money that I could make a super hero movie you will be my first choice

The most unique thing about Dhruva is that, unlike most other superheroes, he doesn't have an alter ego and doesn't hide his identity behind a mask. Another unique thing about him is that he doesn't possess any superpowers; but he makes up for that with his intellect, detective skills, ability to talk to almost every kind of animals, scientific knowledge, martial art and acrobatic skills, an unparalleled willpower and a determination to eliminate evil from this world. - hemantpd1

Super Commando Dhruva is one hero who solves everything in plain human face and pure logic/rationale. He uses all the common sense and basic science that every body knows, moreover to deal with the tougher to toughest opponents and invariably beats them. He leads the train of thoughts that there is a hero in every one of us if only we use our senses properly. Dhruva also depicts the human weaknesses and the troubles a man can succumb to which brings him closer to a specie we call homo sapiens.

Super Commando Dhruv is the one of the most unique & most original character in the world. Unlike most other Super Heroes he doesn't have a secret identity, super powers or weapons. His only weapon is his super sharp brain. He is an expert in most martial arts forms, hand to hand combat & gymnastics etc. He also has some exceptional skills like using ordinary things in his surroundings to his advantage in a fight and the ability to talk to most animals & birds. He is also a man of high moral code as he has vowed to never ever kill someone or hit a woman in his life. He has developed a large fan base and is hugely popular even with the casual comic readers, largely due to him being a realistic superhero fighting crime while maintaining high moral codes.

He is simply the best. He does not have any extraordinary superpower, but yet can defeat toughest of the villains. He does not carry any weapon but can make deadliest weapons from the things around. He can find his helpers in the form of animals anywhere right from the depth of the sea to the height of the sky.He is an excellent detective and a superb tactician.

His only weakness seems to be that he does not use a mask to hide his true identity so his family is vulnerable to direct attack. But then family members too include brave commissioner and Chandika, another superhero so can not be easily taken advantage of.

His and Batman very presence right at the top shows that people really love heroes who do not have extraordinary power but use their brain and other human abilities.

Super commando dhruva main weapon is his brain. And when this super intelligent brain combines with the experience and training which he recieves as a young circus performer is absolutely deadly

Also Dhruva is the only unique character that never indulges in violence and believes in the law of the land

I can easily say that if in real life scenario if the battle is between batman and SCD and both are stripped of their gadgets, Its absolutely certain that SCD will beat the crap out of batman

Super commando Dhruva.
People who crave for super heroes only because of their costume and gadgets and cash and ability to produce energy blasts and rays, this one might disappoint you. He is a totally common human being who is a super hero because he made himself one through extreme training, hard work, studying and taking his studies seriously and keeping his mind healthy and sharp all the time. He seemingly has no fear. NO masks. For a long time he was riding a RX100 and it was not the cool bike but The cool SCD who did all the unbelievable stunts and action.when SCD in scene, there is no chance of you noticing any costume, gadgets, jet packs, laser, death rays, metal men, or anything. He is the ultimate super hero because he inspires and motivates a reader to become one himself. Whoever keeps his body and mind healthy, takes science and studies seriously and is willing to push his limits can become Super Commando Dhruva.

SCD is my favourite, and will always be. A superhero whose superpower is the brain... The presence of mind (and powers like being able to talk to animals and birds to some extent, and breathing underwater).

A gentleman, a good son, a good brother, and a super hero without an alter ego.

Fighting super-villains with generally super science minds, and sometimes few villains with supernatural powers. With the help of valuable friends with super abilities/brain.

He is smart and a very good fighter. No special super-powers. He is not rich also to afford any gadgets. He just uses his mental and physical strength to overcome any difficult situation he is put into. His ethics are never changing and he is ready to sacrifice anything for justice.

SUPER COMMANDO DHRUVA is best super hero ever because he only use brain as a weapon. He never use guns, never kill any human (even criminal- he use to arrest them) and have respect for law and work according constitution of India and also other countries when in overseas. The only superhero in world who never break local law...and fight with evils, magician, terrorist, dracula, ghosts, dons, aliens and paranormal creatures just by using brain, with super mind (cleverness), fighting style like judo, kungfu, kusti, gymnastic etc and the small things nearby. Which is believable and look possible, what a human can do. And last he is my favorite that's all.

His best weapon is his intelligence! Readers feel satisfied after reading his comics as he uses his mind as a weapon and not any super power as he is just like a normal human being except he is much faster and a good fighter as he was born and trained in a circus! Some might say so do Robin, but his intelligence is way above!

Super Commando Dhruv is a most intelligent superhero in all comics characters of the world. He is much more talented then compare to Batman.
He can beat villein or super-villeins by the help of present environment where he fight or find out weakness of his opponent. He have some gadgets like star blades, star line, nerve gas capsules and scats. But, he use these things in emergency or if these are part of his plan. He is best in hand to hand combat because he is master of all deadly fighting styles of earth. He can also fight with close eyes. He is good in athletics and balancing. His vehicle is a bike (MO-BIKE - a High Tech Bike) which he use for stunts, specially on wire to save people. He knows the psychology of birds and animals and easily communicate to them and take help. He never use any lethal weapon on his enemy because he respects of life. In simple words... SUPER COMMANDO DHRUV is ' THE ULTIMATE SUPERHERO " as a hope of people.

Dhruva is a role model for children who look up to qualities to imitate from their idols. The scientific temper and the moral fiber exhibited by him are unparalleled. His strength are his friends and his presence of mind. He is a great detective and has Sherlok Holmes-like powers of deduction. He makes the best use of whatever is available at the site of combat with the villains. He has no alter ego and is in league with the best in the business of crime fighting!

Super Commando Dhruva! He is the best. He taught me to respect everybody and never to hit a girl. The best part, he taught me basic laws of physics even when it was not taught in school. He is the best because he is from common people and has no super power but just because of his sheer will power and brilliant brain he has overpowered the biggest villains. He is the best.

A boy who can solve all problems with his mind tricks and he can fight with all type of super villains whether they have special power or not..this super hero taught many of us that there is no need of super power or a science power you can do anything with your mind with available resources around you, you made my childhood special and taught me many things.. Salute...

I have been reading comics since I was 5...I'm 31 now and have read many Hindi and English (mostly DC and Marvel) comics. None of the heroes come even close to SCD when it comes to tackling with the villains with all kinds of superpowers; more so because he does not use any weapons and does not have any superpowers. His enemies are the most powerful any other superhero has ever had and he still emerges as the winner every time. His only limitation is that he is not an English book superhero otherwise he would have left all the others who wear two underwears far behind in popularity.

A great strength of Dhruva, as shown in each of his stories, is his ability to utilize objects around him as weapons to disarm or capture his enemies. He shows the practical application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items. In the multi-hero stories, it is mostly Dhruva who plans a way to defeat the powerful villains by strategically using the powers of other heroes.

Super Commando Dhruva is unique from all super heroes in the world. It can be more visualized in comic books. His super powers doesn't come from any sources but from his courage. That's what makes him one of the best among others. His style of action and the defense without much weapons makes people think how he will survive.

If I get a chance to act as Super Commando Dhruva...I would do that without any money. I would love to do that..!

Dhruva is best super hero created by any indian comic author.Super Commando Dhruva, doesn't carry any weapons, except his Star Belt which he uses in extreme emergencies, and instead uses anything appropriate that finds on situation as a weapon. His main power is that he is exceptionally witty and sometimes even overcome situations without use of any weapons

He is Genius Super Hero. His life is a education and he is a Education system. He loves nonviolence and believes in system. He does not use any weapon, yet he is deadly fatal. He educates us to use our brain and shows the power of brain. He loves animals and do have respect for animals. He loves environment and works for it too. So he is the only real ideal super hero.