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Superman is a comic character. And probably the first powerful superhero in the fictional world. The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933. It was published by DC comics. The first animated superhero movie was superman. more.


Superman should be above Batman because if in a fight, Superman would win, hands down! But Batman fans, do NOT use the excuse that Batman could win, even with the help of Kryptonite, because if Superman absorbs enough Yellow Sun energy, then he is immune to Kryptonite for a period of time, and he would easily beat him. Also, I'm sick and tired of people choosing Batman over Superman, mostly because he is more popular, but also because they use the excuse that, take away Superman's powers, and he's just a man, well take away Batman's gadgets and money, and he's just a guy who knows fighting styles that could easily be beat by some characters like Iron Fist or Wolverine, so don't vote for the most liked, vote for the people who actually deserve it!

Superman is the best hero ever.. He is the face of justice league, He is the strength of Justice League. Even all members have accepted the fact that without Superman there will be no Justice League. Once, when Superman wanted to quit Justice League, Green Arrow on behalf of entire people said "World needs Justice League and Justice League needs you SUPERMAN". Every other hero including Batman has ego problem, but Superman is far away from any such feeling. He always fights for the truth, he is a true personality to learn from. No doubt Superman is first and best Super Hero ever.

People love Batman. I get it. What I don't understand is when they start saying things like Batman can beat Superman any day. Which as far as I understand, is an extremely far-fetched idea. Batman is a mere mortal, and Superman is practically a god. His morals and principals are what are the basis of Superman's identity, something which has become a rare commodity. It's easily understandable as people no more believe in the ideals Superman stands for.

Batman may be my favorite hero, but there is no denying the pure awesomeness that is Superman. His powers are extremely awesome. I don't know why people say he's boring, he is actually one of the most interesting superheroes of all time. People also say he's overpowered, but he actually has tons of weaknesses (Kryptonite, Magic, beings of equal strength). He was the first hero and none of the other heroes would have been created if it weren't for his success. He is an amazing character and it is very fun to see him battle villains like Metallo, Parasite, Lex (in his armored suit), Lobo and more;

The first superhero ever created. Superman has been my favorite for years. From his moral compass to his insane powers, the guy is a legend. I know haters tend to think he's boring because of his boyscout persona, but I ask you is it wrong to love a character who is a true inspiration to other heroes. Who would do anything for the good and safety of others even if it costs him his life. Can you really imagine a world without superman? I can't, and if you think you can, you're lying to yourself.

Absolute power corrupts every body! That is true to almost all beings, except for Superman. With that much power, any other being would have been lost, but not Superman..."with great power comes great responsibility" is apt more on Superman.. He is how heroes are defined.. The best among us.. One and only Superman

Ever since Christopher reeve's Superman in 1978 (I was 3) I have been a huge fan... My peeps even call me the man of steel... It's kinda funny because I am about 6'4, blue eye's and always in superman shape.. And even though there has been many incarnations of the hero over the years, Christopher will always be the real deal to me...

Superman is the greatest and most humble of superheros. A True hero in any walk, he possess not only the abilities to see the job done and save the world, but the courage and will to persevere even when all seem's lost. He is the only man who refuses to give in. When all hope is lost, and everyone would understand if he gave up, he fights on and wins the day.

There is no greater American hero!

Number four? Please. The only person on this list who can even compete with him is Batman, who isn't even close to Superman's physical strength and power. Spider Man should be three, followed by Captain America. Half of the people in this top ten aren't even well known super heroes. - Vinyl

Icon. Unlike any other comic book character, Superman works as an idea - even an ideal. Yeah, Batman is cool, and Dr. Manhattan can probably beat him one-on-one, but Superman is the absolute epitome of what mankind is to strive for. Consistently permeating pop culture in songs and music well outside of the comic book genre, Superman is simply transcendental. The first. The Best. - SoCalEl52

Superman's personality is the ideal superhero personality. That's what makes him great! And his super powers back up his need of justice and heroism.

Superman he is my most favorite super hero ever! I have all his comics and know the lines by heart. he has so may powers he can destroy not kill but destroy every one except green lantern batman silver surfer and oaa he would just team up with those guys they would be unstoppable! But superman could still beat them all no questions a bout that ever!

No need for saying anything! He is simply the greatest superhero ever in any comic book ever written! And we never actually saw his full strength because he is always holding back.

Superman is the ultimate inspiration for truth and justice! He does make the right decisions! He is what humanity should strive to be. Superman is the ultimate superhero.

Super is just so awesome with all the super strengths and the super brain and last but nut least even if he doesn't belong to earth he takes care of human more then us..

He was the first and set the standard for being a super hero. He has the best morals out of all the heroes and could bring them all to heel. Bow before the king of comics

Simply the the best of the best. His powers cannot be measured, therefore he is limitless and is constantly generating power from the yellow sun. So without a doubt, the BEST.
- kalel54

superman may look gay in his costume but he sure packs a hell of a punch, i definitely think he is the best superhero ever.....


If you really look at it all superheroes copy superman in some or the other roundabout way the only exception being batman.

no contest... superman is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

While he isn't my favourite superhero, he should still be higher than both Batman and Spiderman.

Superman is awesome he is the best of the best no one can beat superman

Superman should be number 1 batman is human he can't do the things superman does. Superman is the ultimate super hero

He has multi powers and he has superhuman strength and I would like to see someone who powers up from the sun