Top 10 Best Comic Book Writers of the 21st Century

The Top Ten

1 Matt Fraction
2 Greg Pak
3 Jonathan Hickman
4 Scott Snyder
5 Robert Kirkman
6 Nathan Edmondson
7 Joss Whedon
8 Charles Soule
9 Nick Spencer
10 Max Landis

The Contenders

11 Alan Moore

This guy is just awesome. This guy's name rings so clear and shines so vibrantly in the world of independent comics. He's done it all from Swamp Thing to V for Vendetta and Watchmen. He's exploited everything he had to exploit in alternative comics of his, a human-like swamp monster, a romantic anarchist, a team of outlawed vigilantes, a fictionalized version of Jack The Ripper, and a Victorian era-version of the Justice League.

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