Top Ten Comic Books That Need To Happen

A super serious list of theoretical comic book titles and plots.

The Top Ten

1 Squirrel Girl Kills the Marvel Universe

Plot: she gets rabies. - ShuhBanggg

2 Nightwing v Red Hood

So we can finally settle who's better. - ShuhBanggg

3 Superman: Taco Man of Tomorrow

Superman is raised by Mexican rancheros instead of Kansas farmers. Up, up, and ariba! - ShuhBanggg

4 Civil War III

The Marvel heroes are divided between remaining with the Walt Disney Company or leaving. Spider-man leads the pro-Disney side, and the Hulk leads the anti-Disney side, because they won't give Mark Ruffalo a movie. - ShuhBanggg

5 The Flash Returns

The Flash is old now, in his fifties or sixties. He's retired and really overweight. But Central City needs him again. So he dons his red and yellow suit once more - just this one last time. The suit barely fits, but he'll manage. - ShuhBanggg

6 Joker's Day Off

Joker decides to take a vacation from crime. Batman wastes his whole day following Joker, only to realize Joker, for once, wasn't joking. - ShuhBanggg

Real hilarious. It would make me laugh and laugh on the floor.

7 Larfleeze: Dubloon Heist

A candy store owner has to protect his gold coin chocolate candies from the Orange Lantern Larfleeze, who thinks the coins are real. - ShuhBanggg

8 Lois Lane: Time Paradox

Lois Lane goes back in time to Krypton decades before it exploded. She meets Jor-El and falls in love with him. She eventually gives birth to a boy. This boy, of course, is Superman. When the planet is about to explode, she and Jor-El send their boy to Earth. - ShuhBanggg

9 Captain America: Modern Warfare

Cap goes to Afghanistan. - ShuhBanggg

10 Arm Fall Off Boy: The Well-Armed Arbiter

An entire comic devoted to this fantastic character. It will delve deep into the character's psyche and explore what exactly makes him a hero. - ShuhBanggg

The Contenders

11 Before Livewire

A one-shot about Livewire's childhood, learning why she is such a jerk.

12 Thanos V Joker: Hilarity Ensues
13 Star Wars (Canon) and Marvel Crossover
14 Power Rangers vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
15 Titans East
16 Hive Five

God I love jinx so much! 1 - ihatetrump

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