Top Ten Comic Books

Okay, so these are the comic books that are the best and the funniest of all, by archiesweirdmysteries.
The Top Ten
1 Archie
2 Watchmen
3 The Sandman The Sandman Product Image
4 Asterix & Obelix

Funny, while teaching history.

5 Tinkle
6 Champak
7 I Killed Adolf Hitler Comic
8 Sin City
9 Batman: The Killing Joke
10 Habibi

The Newcomers

? Batman: Hush Batman: Hush Product Image
? Scott Pilgrim
The Contenders
11 V for Vendetta V for Vendetta Product Image
12 The Invisibles
13 Maus
14 Daredevil: Born Again
15 The Last Man
16 Bone
17 Persepolis
18 The Walking Dead

Why is this not farther up? The characters, story and art style of Kirkman's series is amazing and dark and ehthralling

19 Tintin
20 The Amazing Spider-Man
21 Batman: The Long Halloween Batman: The Long Halloween Product Image
22 Tato & Kenepo
23 From Hell
24 Deadpool: Secret Invasion Deadpool: Secret Invasion Product Image
25 Dredd: Urban Warfare
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