Best Aspen Comics Characters

Michael Turner was the founder of this publisher, Aspen Comics, which was named after a female character that Michael created. Here are some characters you already know and some you might wanna know.
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1 Aspen Matthews

As a hybrid from the ocean, she's one half of the underwater people called the Blue and the other half called the Black (not to be confused with our race colors), which makes her the most powerful being of all in the Fathom series. Most parts of her powers are cool when she has the ability to control water, turns into a being of water, fires energy blast, healing factor, telepathy and energy manipulation. Plus, she is a very attractive girl you guys might wanna check out. Some of you people should read this fantastic book, you'll love it.

I don't know much about the characters of Aspen Comics, but I do know Aspen Matthews because she was also came from the comic book publisher Image Top Cow, which has Witchblade and The Darkness in it. I love it how Michael Turner created Aspen Matthews. She's so cute and hot!

Aspen is a female hybrid of two underwater races she was born from and had the ability to control water, energy blast and turn a being of water. She's also my favorite character and hottie from Aspen Comics today.

You're right about this hot chick, she's very attractive. No wonder she's the sexiest babe in the Aspen Comics of the decade.

2 Kiani

I think Kiani is one of the coolest characters in Fathom and she's my favorite. She's hot, strong and tough as nails, plus she can handle a fight with her sword. Even though she and Aspen hate each other, they can trust each other and work together as allies when there's trouble up ahead.

Close friend of Aspen Matthews and also one of the underwater beings known as the Blue and she's an excellent swordswoman.

3 Lady Mechanika
4 Iris

A female assassin from comic book series, Executive Assistant. She's the best assassins of all time.

5 Rachel Clark/Joule

I just finish reading three Idolized comics and I notice that a real-life person, a supermodel Rachel Clark is using her name on the comic series which that suprises me. These comics are great and I hope there's some fans out there could read other publishing comics like Aspen, Image and Dark Horse.

Unfortunately, the real name is Leslie Linnell, not Rachel Clark. Leslie's superhero alter ego is Joule and Rachel is a model that works with the creators for the comic series Idolized. Get your facts right next time.

A female superhero from comic book series, Idolized. She learns how to become a superhero when she must protect the world from danger.

6 Lily

Another assassin and a friend of Iris. She's somethings gets arrogant and over confident, but she's also smart with good aims.

7 Grace

Funny how all these characters here on the list are girls, but that doesn't matter. If they do read Aspen Comics, then they'll check up on this list someday and that's up to them.

8 Rose
9 Sudana

She's smart, tough, sexy and mysterious!

10 Leslie Linnell/Joule

You maybe right about Rachel Clark, but that's not her real name as Joule in the comic Idolized. Leslie Linnell is her real name that I've just found in Comicvine. Com, but that's okay because mistakes happens in the Top Tens.

We already know that, you don't have to tell us twice about Joule, you smartass!

The Contenders
11 Jesse Harden

Dude, it's really Jesse, that's because she shorten her name than just being called Jessica. Stop making mistakes on this list.

She's from the new comic series "Overtaken", right?

12 Morgan Himura

She the daughter of the Himura family in the comic series Legends Of The Shadow Clan. She's an excellent fighter with a bo and katana sword.

I just read three issues of Legends Of The Shadow Clan and I think they're great. Morgan is my favorite one and she kicks ass.

13 Faye
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