Top Ten Calvin and Hobbes Characters

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1 Hobbes Hobbes is one of the two main characters in the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. He is Calvin's stuffed tiger and best friend, being depicted with two distinct identities.

He's sexy. Also, he deserves to be in many crossovers. Other than that, I want to know how tall he is & how old he is. I think that Hobbes is short & thin for a tiger. Other than that, he deserves to spend time interviewing with Rosalina from the Mario franchise after seeing her. I even want there to be no final strip to Calvin & Hobbes. Calvin & Hobbes beats Garfield, Big Nate, Archie Comics, Sonic Comics, Mega Man comics, Sonic & Mega Man (which should've been Sonic & Pac-Man), & all other comics. Also, there could be a video game called "Hobbes Unleashed". The next compilation after the October 2014 compilation. It will be also a sequel to "It's a Magical World" called "What an Epic Universe". Any comments for my request. Hobbes is as great as Calvin & his alter egos, including Rosalyn & Susie Derkins.

Hobbes is an incredible character. He's in my top ten characters of all time. Calvin would be an honorable mention, and I also like Rosalyn, Susie, and Moe. I don't care for Calvin's parents.

2 Calvin

Calvin is a big idiot, he think the world was made for him to be glorified, he is lazy, selfish, stupid and mean. When he said that people should all focus on him or their resolutions, his attitude and attention in school, how he always blames everything on everyone but himself, how he was mad at his mom for turning in his diorama "a day late," and destroying his parents house with a baseball and bat, and supports nudism... Calvin is certainly a human devil.

He is very selfish and thinks the world was created just for him to be crowned as king. He deserves the bad things happening to him and I never feel pity for him! He may be the reason why some woman don't want kids! He is ugly and disgusting creature! He blames others for the bad stuff that happens to him! He is such a devil! Nobody in the universe really likes him! When its new years he never changes!

Its not his parents fault or Susie's fault if he would have acted like less of a jerk and think about their and his consideration for once they wouldn't have to treat him like trash! He says that people act like jerks but really he thinks way to highly of himself which is no wonder no one likes him!

3 Dad

Although lanky, he's hot. His big nose & Luigi-like personality can actually rival Mario.

He may be boring and dumb, but he is actually really funny.

"Being cold builds character."

4 Mom

She's sexy. If only she worn her hair in different styles. Other than that, she'd be a speed-based Olympic athlete. I'd let Tails from the Sonic franchise bang her a lot of times.

Why does everyone think all the characters are sexy? Mom, and Roslyn are sexy, and Susie and hobbes are cute, they would make a great couple! Dad and moe are downright ugly

5 Susie

She is sexy. Also, she is Calvin's answer to Mario's Wario/Princess Peach.

Susie deserved to be in the Tricksters Story in the Vsncouver, Canada/Seattle, USA 2028 Summer Olympic Games alongside Waluigi & his rival, Dr. Eggman.

6 Mrs. Wormwood

She needs to wear other stuff than a dress.

Mrs. Wormwood is wormy

7 Rosalyn

Rosalyn is sexy & she could even rival Princess Daisy & Sonic the Hedgehog. Also, she'll be a stamina-based Olympic athlete.

Rosalyn is awesome, she is the only person Calvin fears.

8 Moe

He is tall for his age & needs to kidnap Princess Peach.

Why would you like Moe!

9 Spaceman Spiff

He's sexy. Also, he needs to come back in the newly conceived Calvin & Hobbes compilation "It's an Epic Universe" whereas most of the strips are random crossovers.

9/10 stars for Calvin & Hobbes.

None for Archie Comics & it's spinoffs.

This guy needs to be higher up on the list. No question.

He looks cool and was the the former main idea.

10 Stupendous Man

S for Stupendous!
T for Tiger, ferocity of!
U for Underwear, red!
P for Powerful!
E for Excellent Physique!
N for...well, something, I'll come back to that...
D for Determination!
U for...wait, is this how you spell it? Is it I?

Stupendous Man is sexy. He needed to continue after the Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat strip where he had to regive his Stupendous Man mask.

The Contenders
11 Tracer Bullet
12 Captain Napalm

He's sexy. If only he were back.

Calvin & Hobbes will have new comic strips by its 30th anniversary.

13 Uncle Max
14 Principal Spittle
15 Joe
16 Amy

If only she were used.

Sonic the Hedgehog's Amy Rose is like a younger sister to Sonic the Hedgehog.

17 Dinosaurs
18 Binky Betsy
19 Mr. Bun
20 Safari Al
21 Doctor
22 Goody-Two-Shoes
23 Calvin's Duplicate
24 Alien
25 Monsters Under Calvin's Bed
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