Top 10 Best Commandos In the World

These are in fact the best commandos in the world I have taken one whole year to get all the information I can on these Commandos. The best commandos are always ready for anything and the best commandos are no longer human because an average human is no way near to what they can do. (Also this list does not include equipment)

The Top Ten

1 Pakistan Special Services Group

Undoubtedly the best in the world. With an amazing track record to prove it.

I agree. Pak commandos are the best.

Super heros can defeat every other nation

SSG commandos are those,who want give their life for their motherland Pakistani

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2 Indian Navy MARCOS

The marcos are the best in the world as they are the most widely trained in terms of terrain and also the best emotionally trained. That is all they need to beat their enemy

Marcos will crush any of its enemy.

Indian army best in the world

They are the best... I salute to Indian army.

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3 British Special Air Services
4 Pakistan Marines

The best

5 U.S. Navy Seals
6 Delta Force

Also known as tier one, the Delta Force commando unit is the best equipped and most thoroughly trained in the world. Even though almost 90% of all of their operations remain top secret, they have built a fearsome reputation. One of their most famous operations is the infamous" Black Hawk Down" incident, where no more than a platoon of a combination of the elite US army Ranger light infantry and a dozen or so (for obvious reasons no exact numbers have been given) squared off against thousands of militia soldiers and dispute being surrounded, outnumbered, and outgunned, the US soldiers achieved to not only survive for more 24 hours of intense fighting, but a 5 to 1 ratio of losses. Without a doubt the most powerful special operations unit in existence. As far as the Pakistani's are concerned, you can kiss our collective grits.

7 Israeli Shayetet 13
8 Spetsnaz
9 U.S. Green Berets
10 French Naval Commandos

The great sp├ęcial force of the World. The commandos Hubert is really perfect in the missions.

The Contenders

11 Turkish Maroon Berets
12 U.S. Army Rangers
13 Indian Paratroopers
14 Polish Grom

27 years of existence, thousands of combat missions and actions and less than 10 KIA, which one else can say the same?

15 Greek Special Forces
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