Top Ten Commercial Aircraft

Which commercial airplane or commercial aircraft model/family was best in every way possible, or how they revolutionized the aviation industry.

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21 Airbus A320neo

Very efficient. Small but has a very good flying range. New engines,wings,... A perfect small commercial airplane.

All you love about the A320 CEO but better. Outselling the 737 MAX for a reason!

22 De Havilland Comet

I would like to recognize this aircraft as being the first ever aircraft to use jet engines. It's only fault (and biggest one that doomed the bird) was it's extremely thin skin, and poor design that was probed to attract metal fatigue. It was a tragedy.. Two comets brought down by a flying bomb. When the metal fatigue finally gave way, the aircraft ripped itself into pieces. This aircraft honestly could have done better, but by the time they improved the Comet, it was too late. Boeing had already made the 707 and the Comet slowly disappeared, out of aviation.

Shame this beautiful plane couldn't stand the pressure of high altitude

Really nice bird, but it's designers were too greedy

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23 McDonnell Douglas DC-11
24 Bombardier CSeries

Probably the best plane on the market right now.

Bombardier is known to bring good products on the market and the cseries aicrafts are no different even better.Good recipies takes time and Bombardier made sure that before they put this aicraft in service it will be the best in the sky.It will be profitable for airlines and travellers will enjoy it.Now the question is, do airlines want to build their future with an aicraft of the 21st century or with 20 years old upgraded models.

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25 Embraer E-190

I already rode this plane and in mine opinion it has an smoother landing than an Airbus 330.

This plane is one of my favourites as it has the best engine sound ever in my opinion. Also this plane can climb really fast for its engine power

26 Airbus A300

This was the K-MART version of the 767! As a flight attendant it actually was a nice plane to work on but we were always a little frighted of it! We flight attendants called it the "SCARE-BUS" and for good reason! Several incidents of very bad turbulence and the back of the plane was notorious for fish tailing and throwing us around like you dolls! I personally was thrown through the ceiling in the galley during turbulence smashing the galley lights with my head coming down on the ovens and ripping up my back! Blood all over badly injured and my coworker grabbed on the hand holder along the bottom of the overhead bins, ripping his shoulder out of the socket, screaming bloody murder in pain. Have had several back and neck surgeries since then all due to this plane! It was also made very cheaply and broke down allot as well! SAFE TO SAY NOT MY TOP RATED pick!

I understand your hate for this plane but your story is just absolute baloney.

It looks descant had an advanced cockpit for the time it flew and I'm trusting you about it being a K-Mart 767.

27 Dash 8 Q400

Very comfortable and quiet.

28 Bombardier CS-300

Just for trying to break the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing gives this spot to Bombardier. While the actual plane may not be all that special (it does have some nice features though), it's the bravery of Bombardier with this plane to challenge Boeing and Airbus that makes this plane awesome. Image this possible future- riding on a double decker jumbo not made buy Airbus or Boeing, but instead Bombardier, Embraer, etc.!

29 Boeing 777x
30 Tupolev Tu-144

To be completely accurate, the fastest commercial jet EVER was actually the Tupolev tu 144. Poor thing. Disappeared into time.

Not just into time into the ground as well as smouldering metal

Sabotaged by the French

Fastest commercial jet...But by far the worst commercial jet

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31 Vickers VC10

British bird with 4 RR engines across the rear. Prettiest passenger jet made-came along too late as a single isle to be commercially successful.

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32 BAe 146

Best selling British plane

33 Bombardier CRJ 1000
34 Airbus A340

Unique layout and ability to go to any airport (that has a runway long enough) to any other airport in the world.

Four engines, beautiful and not as fat as 747 or A380. 4 engines 4 long hauL!

A340-600 is just next to 747 in terms of its airborne charm.

It looks so graceful

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35 Embraer E-Jet Series

Embraer E-170 up to E-195. Very safe and reliable modern jet. Smooth and comfortable.

36 Boeing 797

It actually did exist 55 years ago but there is no such thing no due to bad safety and fuel tank not big enough to store enough fuel for a flight longer than 30 minutes

Why have we got this on her? It doesn't exist yet

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37 Antonov An-225 Mriya

It's not that hard to build a big plane if you've got a lot of money

Its just a cargo plane no a big deal

Excellent Jet, Excellent loader

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38 Airbus A319

A smaller version of the A320.

39 Airbus A318

The smallest plane in the A320 family.

40 Boeing 737-MAX 8

It's out but not available yet

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