Top Ten Commodities that Should Be Banned

A whole bunch of idiots put ridiculous things in the "Things that should be banned" list that would violate free speech, etc, so here's a one for ITEMS. And also, far leftists keep adding liberal things to it which also violate amendments.

The Top Ten

1 Cigarettes
2 Pornographic Films

Why? - bobbythebrony

3 Drugs
4 Internet pop-ups

May not be physical, but it's a thing you can buy for YOUR stuff. - 1337

5 Alcoholic Drinks

Who keeps putting alcohol? What's wrong with you lefties?!? - AGK

6 Marijuana
7 Homework

You try to prevent sounding like a liberal, but you're sounding like one right now. - Swellow

Textbooks, paper wasted, need I say more? - 1337

8 Justin Bieber Albums

Enough with the Joke - Neonco31

9 Call of Duty
10 Uranium Ore

Alcohol is really only toxic and/or lethal if you binge drink it. Justin Bieber's albums aren't that awful, either. Meanwhile, there's this... - Swellow

It's toxic, and should be for government/military use only. - 1337

Justin Bieber albums is above something which is toxic. - Martinglez

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