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Even though anime is amazing, it also has it's flaw. A good example of this is cliches

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1 Death of Parent or Downfall

Or if it's not that, then one parent and child.

Oh and why is it always mothers with sons and fathers with daughters?

This happens in comic books,movies,books and well...EVERYTHING.

This is so overused, I can't even begin to count how many anime use this cliche. - NerdyPweeps

Yep I see this all the time. - Anonymousxcxc

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2 Abnormal colored hair

Normal hair and costume would be too boring. Imagine if in Naruto everyone looked like a conventional historical ninja, or if the pirates in One Piece dressed like somali or 1500's Caribbean pirates. It would suck. Number three on this list would be "the character design is so boring and unoriginal" - DanoMR98

In an anime, there are 20 people in one frame. Some are blonde, some have brown and black hair, some have red hair, and one person has dyed hair. Some have hooded eyes, some have almond-shaped eyes, some have round eyes, and one has huge eyes. They're all wearing common clothes you see other people wear, except for one, who's wearing a cape, and looks like he/she's on his/her way to anime con and is a total weeb. Try spotting the main character! - Ohno

It doesn't really bother me, but is it normal for the characters or something? - NerdyPweeps

Let's play a game. It's called spot the protagonist

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3 Fan service

I guess it's okay for some people, but it's disturbing or just weird to others, you know. We all have our own opinions and I totally respect that. - NerdyPweeps

Fanservice. Fan service everywhere. Sometimes it takes a step too far

I don't like it when a show becomes too inappropriate to watch.

It's ruining the Anime.

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4 Happy Resolution/Resolve

I actually don't hate this type of ending, I actually like it a lot. It's just that it's WAY too overused, especially if you're talking about Inuyasha. - NerdyPweeps

5 Fillers

This has Naruto written all over it. - NerdyPweeps

DBZ did have a few fillers in which all were bad. Still not a bad show... - SelfDestruct

Fairy Tail does not have as many fillers as Naruto.

Two words: Fairy Tail

In Yona of the Dawn I feel like most of the arc in Awa was filler. Seriously it took five episodes just to complete a simple episode arc. what?! - Anonymousxcxc

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6 Girls With Large Breasts

It gets annoying when overused. Looking at ya Fairy Tail! - Goku02

Its Pretty common to have a female characters with incredibly large breasts. - egnomac

This is one of the only things about anime which annoys me.

Nice way to distract people from the plot. - Ohno

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7 Boy As Main Character

Well duh, most of the creators are men. Men can't really write about a female 100% compare to a female writing about a female. Best way to relate to the story is knowing the main character front to back which is why most main characters are male because men are the authors. So this is a naive suggestion on thinking this is cliche when its just natural for male to talk about a male. Plus men don't know what women are thinking 90% of the time anyway. That why you have the other cliches here in the perspective of what man think how a female acts. All they see is girls with large breast

Wasn't kill la kill a shoujo?

Not in every anime or manga, but still in most of them. - NerdyPweeps

Kill la Kill and sailor moon are shojo, which means the main characters are girls.-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

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8 Plot Armor

You know, the power of friendship. Happen all the time.

Looking at you, Fairy Tail. Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet in particular! - Goku02

This is most definitely Naruto.

Also the power of friendship cliche is the LAZIEST cliche-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

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9 Main Character in Class Sitting By a Window

You'd think that the main character would be sitting in the middle of class or by the door, nope apparently not

The only classroom type animes that I have seen so far that I can name off my mind right now that don't use this is Boku No Hero and Assassination Classroom where both Deku and Nagisa sit in the exact middle of the classroom.

And Madoka Magica. I mean, Madoka sits in the middle of the class also - MLPFan

This is very true

Yes this...

10 Usually Set Somewhere in Japan

Well DUH! And most American books are usually set somewhere in USA.

I know anime is made in Japan, but come on, be a little more creative guys. And I know not every single anime does this, but a LOT of them do. - NerdyPweeps

There's not much Animes that take place outside Japan. Code Geass, Black Butler, Hellsing all set outside Japan

And that they wear uniforms that show look really tight in all the right places

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11 Main Group of Characters Are Friends

And they beat all their enemies through the power of friendship

12 Girls flying onto the screen out of nowhere and wildly overreacting to things

Especially girls falling onto a guy main character in a compromising position, then yelling and slapping him like it's somehow their fault that this happened.

13 Perverted Male Characters

Kame, Jiraya,Meliodas,that guy I forgot his name from Ramma... - Garoto_Oceano

14 Random Beach Episodes

We're still waiting for one, Attack on Titan

So stupid I'm 15 for goodness sake!

Every Non-Action anime.

so true

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15 Characters Shouting the Name of Their Attack

LOL so true! What were the villains thinking standing there watching them charging powers? - Goku02

It gets very annoying that the villains do NOTHING to stop the attack as if it's sacred or something

This needs to stop.

KAMEHAMEHA! - LordDovahkiin

16 Tsunderes Tsunderes
17 The Annoying Dere Types
18 Girl as the Main Hero

This Ain't No Cliché! It needs to happen more often.

It's called shōjo -KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

19 Girl running late for school with toast in her mouth

As she runs, she narrates her life with something like "Hi, my name is blankety blankblank and I'm only 15 years old. It's my first day of he new school year and my goals are blankety blank blank blanker blank"

*ahem* Smile Precure

Me basically

Sailor Moon, Madoka, etc...
It's kind of a bummer.

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20 Boys Between 10 and 14 as Heroes Who are Way More Brave, Smart and Skilled Than Most Adults in the Series

This is not the case in DBZ. The older, the stronger. Well, most of the time at least. - Goku02

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