Most Common Anime Cliches

Even though anime is amazing, it also has it's flaw. A good example of this is cliches

The Top Ten Most Common Anime Cliches

1 Death of Parent or Downfall

I guess that's why Disney has so many dead parents in their movies. - Vancedapurpleguy

Or if it's not that, then one parent and child.

Oh and why is it always mothers with sons and fathers with daughters?

This is so overused, I can't even begin to count how many anime use this cliche. - NerdyPweeps

This happens in comic books,movies,books and well...EVERYTHING.

2 Abnormal colored hair

Normal hair and costume would be too boring. Imagine if in Naruto everyone looked like a conventional historical ninja, or if the pirates in One Piece dressed like somali or 1500's Caribbean pirates. It would suck. Number three on this list would be "the character design is so boring and unoriginal" - DanoMR98

In an anime, there are 20 people in one frame. Some are blonde, some have brown and black hair, some have red hair, and one person has dyed hair. Some have hooded eyes, some have almond-shaped eyes, some have round eyes, and one has huge eyes. They're all wearing common clothes you see other people wear, except for one, who's wearing a cape, and looks like he/she's on his/her way to anime con and is a total weeb. Try spotting the main character! - Ohno

It doesn't really bother me, but is it normal for the characters or something? - NerdyPweeps

Let's play a game. It's called spot the protagonist

3 Fan service

I guess it's okay for some people, but it's disturbing or just weird to others, you know. We all have our own opinions and I totally respect that. - NerdyPweeps

Fanservice. Fan service everywhere. Sometimes it takes a step too far

I don't like it when a show becomes too inappropriate to watch.

It's good, but gets repetitive over time.

4 Happy Resolution/Resolve

I actually don't hate this type of ending, I actually like it a lot. It's just that it's WAY too overused, especially if you're talking about Inuyasha. - NerdyPweeps

5 Girls With Large Breasts

Oh my god this is so annoying! It's the main reason I don't watch anime. I know some anime aren't like this, but 99% of even the most innocent-looking anime have those. (Example: POKÉMON! )

It gets annoying when overused. Looking at ya Fairy Tail! - Goku02

Its Pretty common to have a female characters with incredibly large breasts. - egnomac

Being a girl, I find this stereotype very offensive (but ugh making boobs be the same size is nearly impossible lol) so... yeah I don't know

6 Fillers

This has Naruto written all over it. - NerdyPweeps

DBZ did have a few fillers in which all were bad. Still not a bad show... - SelfDestruct

Fairy Tail does not have as many fillers as Naruto.

Two words: Fairy Tail

In Yona of the Dawn I feel like most of the arc in Awa was filler. Seriously it took five episodes just to complete a simple episode arc. what?! - Anonymousxcxc

7 Boy As Main Character

Well duh, most of the creators are men. Men can't really write about a female 100% compare to a female writing about a female. Best way to relate to the story is knowing the main character front to back which is why most main characters are male because men are the authors. So this is a naive suggestion on thinking this is cliche when its just natural for male to talk about a male. Plus men don't know what women are thinking 90% of the time anyway. That why you have the other cliches here in the perspective of what man think how a female acts. All they see is girls with large breast

Wasn't kill la kill a shoujo?

Not in every anime or manga, but still in most of them. - NerdyPweeps

Most shows and movies in general have guys as the main character, its much less common in animes though... so.

8 Plot Armor

You know, the power of friendship. Happen all the time.

All the main characters (like Sasuke, Gintoki and others) being protected by it is ANNOYING.

Looking at you, Fairy Tail. Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet in particular! - Goku02

This is most definitely Naruto.

9 Usually Set Somewhere in Japan

Well DUH! And most American books are usually set somewhere in USA.

I know anime is made in Japan, but come on, be a little more creative guys. And I know not every single anime does this, but a LOT of them do. - NerdyPweeps

But if Americans did a show where the setting and characters are Japan, we'd be considered racist. - RobertWisdom

There's not much Animes that take place outside Japan. Code Geass, Black Butler, Hellsing all set outside Japan

And that they wear uniforms that show look really tight in all the right places

10 Main Character in Class Sitting By a Window

You'd think that the main character would be sitting in the middle of class or by the door, nope apparently not

The only classroom type animes that I have seen so far that I can name off my mind right now that don't use this is Boku No Hero and Assassination Classroom where both Deku and Nagisa sit in the exact middle of the classroom.

And Madoka Magica. I mean, Madoka sits in the middle of the class also - MLPFan

Let's play a game. It's called spot the protagonist

This is very true

The Contenders

11 Main Group of Characters Are Friends

And they beat all their enemies through the power of friendship

Well that sounds like the first 6 seasons of Power Rangers to me. Lol. - RobertWisdom

12 Girls flying onto the screen out of nowhere and wildly overreacting to things

Especially girls falling onto a guy main character in a compromising position, then yelling and slapping him like it's somehow their fault that this happened.

Naru Narusegawa, we are looking at you - Komobramon

13 Characters Shouting the Name of Their Attack

LOL so true! What were the villains thinking standing there watching them charging powers? - Goku02

It gets very annoying that the villains do NOTHING to stop the attack as if it's sacred or something

This needs to stop.

KAMEHAMEHA! - LordDovahkiin

14 Perverted Male Characters

This has og Brock from Pokemon written all over it

His name is happosai (from ranma)

Kame, Jiraya,Meliodas,that guy I forgot his name from Ramma... - Garoto_Oceano


15 When the Male Character Falls, He Always Lands On a Girl's Breasts

Or walks into a girls room, trips falling on a girls breasts or walks in on her naked and somehow the girl gets super strength and hits him so hard he flies out of the room..SO ANNOYING!

16 Random Beach Episodes

We're still waiting for one, Attack on Titan

So stupid I'm 15 for goodness sake!

Every Non-Action anime.


17 Girl running late for school with toast in her mouth

As she runs, she narrates her life with something like "Hi, my name is blankety blankblank and I'm only 15 years old. It's my first day of he new school year and my goals are blankety blank blank blanker blank"

*ahem* Smile Precure

Me basically

Evangelion - listotaku17

18 Tsunderes


19 Boys Between 10 and 14 as Heroes Who are Way More Brave, Smart and Skilled Than Most Adults in the Series

This is not the case in DBZ. The older, the stronger. Well, most of the time at least. - Goku02

My hero academia?

20 Girl as the Main Hero

Watched spirited away and the main hero was chihiro

This Ain't No Cliché! It needs to happen more often.

It's called shōjo -KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

21 The Annoying Dere Types

Like Tsundere

22 Harem

There's only one boy and and a bunch on girls swarming him so not cool

It's the same story every SINGLE TIME!

Girls... girls everywhere

23 Sparkling Eyes

It's called "Artstyles", also doesn't matter if the eyes is sparking, it is just an Artstyles

24 Chicks are Always Super Badasses with No Background as to How They Got that Skilled..

And that would be what is called a Badass Sue (a type of Mary Sue). - Anonymousxcxc

This is just in general, no need to say only girls..

Guys like Goku for example their background is always explained. - RobertWisdom

Definition of a Mary Sue.

Erza Scarlet is one of them

25 Shonen Characters Eating a Lot

How aren't they fat?

Practically everyone in One Piece.

Well, they're pirates. And they travel by a ship. So of course, they'd eat a lot! Do you know how long travelling by water is?! - MLPFan

Almost everyone in DBZ. - Goku02

Why are not fat? That's the question.-Vestalis

26 Little Girls That Are Actually 30+ Years Old

Wendy Marvell is actually a little kid. Your thinking of Mavis Vermillion

Rory mercury takes it to the extreme at 900

Wendy Marvell all the way - ShyChilds

27 Tentacles

Someone forgot to put Squidward. Lol. *Insert joking emoji here* - Ilovestephanie

Episode 12 of valkyrie drive, ova 1 of high school dxd, and many more.


The main characters encounter a tentacle monster which grabs the female characters and their clothes rip/dissolve off revealing their naked bodies, and the male characters stare with nosebleeds then struggle to kill the monster while the female characters hang hopelessly.

Literally every modern anime.

28 The Really Hot Guy That Wants To Date The Unpopular Outcast Girl

there's the popular girl who's beautiful and is perfect for the guy, but he decides to date the unpopular shy girl cause plot - starryrcad

Dating someone in your league who is also hot, rich but kinda mean and sassy is better in my opinion. - starryrcad

I see this a lot

29 Anime Facial Expressions
30 Overpowered Characters

It's so frustrating when characters are so strong it makes me not care about the story anymore. Like ok what are they gods now? It makes it hard to believe they exist or could ever be defeated. I like the suspense of not knowing and that others actually have a chance to catch up with their skills and it makes the fights more thrilling when they have weaknesses they have to overcome. Not every fighting based anime can be like DBZ and get away with it. DBZ can because they somehow make it work. (But I would enjoy options for fighters like Piccolo and Android 18 to catch up with the power of the Saiyans. It'd be nice if weaknesses could be explored too.) - NerdBunny

31 Everyone is Hot

Why is it that almost every anime protagonists are better looking than me?
:( - yungstirjoey666

32 International Dubs that "Westernize" the Series Including Altering the Plot

Oh my God this is so annoying I hate it when dubs change the shows dialogue and in some cases even the plot I also really love Japanese culture references in anime so I really don't appreciate it when Japanese shows are westernized

33 Pure Evil Villain Reforms and Bounds With Hero

Like Yu-GI-Oh-NO.

34 Boy Wants a Normal Life But Ends Up In Some Nonsense

Commonly in the beginning of anime the main charature will talk about how there happy with the normal with normal life, then later get into some non sense that changes there life or something

35 Hammers, pans, etc. are pulled out of nowhere to hit a character who said something stupid over the head

This is 4kids Brock all over it

36 Opening and Ending Credit Songs with Songs that are More Emotional, Poetic or Dramatic Than the Actual Series

"A chance, the setting sun starts to whisper
But, you know... the blue Ribbon won't come untied
Shining, dreaming, suddenly the sea breeze changes
It's not that I don't love you
But, I want to go home now
Twilight always
Resembles a wondrous country
Making me count the stars"

That's the English translation of the second Japanese opening of "Ranma 1/2". - Martin_Canine

37 Characters Cross-Dressing

James from Pokemon. - Ilovestephanie

38 Bad Cook

So, have you seen all the bad cooks like Seraphim from Is this a Zombie? and Ryou from Clannad? Like, there's always this girl that can't cook

39 Always Hungry Protagonists

It was originally very unique ( Goku ) but then DBZ was too inspiring that Naruto, Luffy, Natsu,.. stole the trait and it became cliche : P - Goku02

Himouto! Umaru-chan as chibi. - starryrcad

40 Nosebleeds

When excited and against any real world logic anime characters get nose bleeds! Its hilarious to me!

41 Villain Characters as Comic Relief
42 People Frequently Get Punched or Beaten by Friends and Come Out Unharmed, However Suffer Serious Injuries When Villains Do It.

One piece, especially when it's your own crew mates. Looking at the straw hats.

43 The Rich Hot Perfect Popular Boy Who's Good at Everything

Mary Sues

44 They Finally Kiss On The Last Episode After Some Big Love Confession
45 Obsessive Fangirls

Don't get me started on that.

46 Obsessive Fanboys
47 Main character is an average schoolgirl who discovers she has magical powers and starts fighting

Sailor moon
madoka magica - starryrcad

Did you even watch Madoka Magica? Madoka was just a normal human, it was the wish that gave her magic powers. - Xross

48 Deus Ex Machina

"The term deus ex machina refers to the circumstance where an implausible concept or a divine character is introduced into a storyline, for the purpose of resolving its conflict and procuring an interesting outcome."
In case anyone was wondering

How is he a cliche? He's a character from Mirai Nikki-Vestalis

49 Gratuitous Hot Springs Episodes

Just another lame excuse for cheap titillation, guaranteed to bore viewers living in cultures where nudity hasn’t been sexualized.

50 High School

They need anime to sell an institution that’s as useless as the Mongolian Navy. We need more anime characters with G.E.D.s instead. (Japan has G.E.D.s, called _daiken_ in Japanese.)

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