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21 Shonen Characters Eating a Lot

Practically everyone in One Piece.

Well, they're pirates. And they travel by a ship. So of course, they'd eat a lot! Do you know how long travelling by water is?! - MLPFan

How aren't they fat?

Almost everyone in DBZ. - Goku02

Luffy, Goku,Naruto... - Garoto_Oceano

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22 Anime Facial Expressions
23 Sparkling Eyes
24 The Really Hot Guy That Wants To Date The Unpopular Outcast Girl

I see this a lot

25 Pure Evil Villain Reforms and Bounds With Hero

Like Yu-GI-Oh-NO.

26 Overpowered Characters

It's so frustrating when characters are so strong it makes me not care about the story anymore. Like ok what are they gods now? It makes it hard to believe they exist or could ever be defeated. I like the suspense of not knowing and that others actually have a chance to catch up with their skills and it makes the fights more thrilling when they have weaknesses they have to overcome. Not every fighting based anime can be like DBZ and get away with it. DBZ can because they somehow make it work. (But I would enjoy options for fighters like Piccolo and Android 18 to catch up with the power of the Saiyans. It'd be nice if weaknesses could be explored too.) - NerdBunny

27 Everyone is Hot
28 When the Male Character Falls, He Always Lands On a Girl's Breasts

Or walks into a girls room, trips falling on a girls breasts or walks in on her naked and somehow the girl gets super strength and hits him so hard he flies out of the room..SO ANNOYING!

29 Harem

It's the same story every SINGLE TIME!

Girls... girls everywhere

30 Chicks are Always Super Badasses with No Background as to How They Got that Skilled..

And that would be what is called a Badass Sue (a type of Mary Sue). - Anonymousxcxc

This is just in general, no need to say only girls..

Definition of a Mary Sue.

Whether if it's blocking shots with swords at 16, Or trickshotting sniper rifles at 14, where the hell did the training come from and why is it always chicks hogging the showcase?

31 Nosebleeds

When excited and against any real world logic anime characters get nose bleeds! Its hilarious to me!

32 Hammers, pans, etc. are pulled out of nowhere to hit a character who said something stupid over the head
33 Opening and Ending Credit Songs with Songs that are More Emotional, Poetic or Dramatic Than the Actual Series V 1 Comment
34 Tentacles


35 They Finally Kiss On The Last Episode After Some Big Love Confession
36 Obsessive Fangirls

Don't get me started on that.

37 Obsessive Fanboys
38 Characters Cross-Dressing
39 Main character is an average schoolgirl who discovers she has magical powers and starts fighting
40 Boy Wants a Normal Life But Ends Up In Some Nonsense

Commonly in the beginning of anime the main charature will talk about how there happy with the normal with normal life, then later get into some non sense that changes there life or something

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