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41 Bad Cook

So, have you seen all the bad cooks like Seraphim from Is this a Zombie? and Ryou from Clannad? Like, there's always this girl that can't cook

42 Always Hungry Protagonists

It was originally very unique ( Goku ) but then DBZ was too inspiring that Naruto, Luffy, Natsu,.. stole the trait and it became cliche : P - Goku02

43 Little Girls That Are Actually 30+ Years Old

Rory mercury takes it to the extreme at 900

44 Deus Ex Machina V 1 Comment
45 Gratuitous Hot Springs Episodes

Just another lame excuse for cheap titillation, guaranteed to bore viewers living in cultures where nudity hasn’t been sexualized.

46 High School V 1 Comment
47 The Chosen One

This happens with Harry Potter too. - Goku02

Well, this happens in lots of fantasy series, not only anime - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

48 Overling Transformation Animations that Repeat in Each Episode
49 Villain Characters as Comic Relief
50 Rains When Someone Dies

I've never seen a rainy day in DBZ ( not counting DB ) and the characters still die all the time ( and got resurrected all the time ) - Goku02

V 1 Comment
51 People Frequently Get Punched or Beaten by Friends and Come Out Unharmed, However Suffer Serious Injuries When Villains Do It.
52 International Dubs that "Westernize" the Series Including Altering the Plot
53 Kinky Homosexual Innuendo
54 Goo
55 Awkward Kinky Content and Innuendo as Comic Relief

I never got why such an emotive, intense and perfectly written and aesthetically innovative series as "Elfen Lied" uses such lowbrow humor that sometimes looks like cheesy soft porn as comic relief.
It's very funny in certain series though if not overused. - Martin_Canine

56 Glasses are Generally Worn on Top of the Head
57 The Rich Hot Perfect Popular Boy Who's Good at Everything
58 The Popular Hot Guy That Is Good At Everything
59 Two Friends That Are In Love With The Same Person
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