Top 10 Common Differences Between Classical and Blues in Guitar

These are the basic differences between classical and blues in guitar. The very basic. Not the fusion or modern genres.

The Top Ten

1 Classical Guitarists Play Arpeggios, Blues Guitarists Play with Strumming

By the way, arpeggio is when you play each note differently. You could see classical guitarists use three fingers to pick three strings. That's arpeggio. But blues players strum the strings. All at once. - zxm

Not saying that Blues guitar players didn't use arpeggios. But Classical guitar players did more than blues players. - zxm

2 Classical Guitarist Often Use Fingerpicking Style, Blues Players Use a Pick

When I first tired to play with fingerpicking, ooh it was very hard. Never thought of using without a pick. I still can't use fingerpicking. - zxm

I am not referring the fingerstyle (Strumming). The finger-picking (Arpeggio one ). But Blues uses picks. - zxm

3 Blues Popularized the Uses of Bending and Vibrato Notes

There were guitar players who used bending notes, but it became popular in blues. Especially guitarists like BB King. - zxm

4 Classical Guitar Usually Have Nylon Strings, Blues Guitar Have Steel Strings

Nylon Strings, Softer. Easy for Fingerstyle. Steel Strings, heavier. Easy for Rough picking. - zxm

5 Blues Popularized the Use of Sliding

Agreed! When I first started taking an interest in Blues, I remember having to ask what slide guitar was. I find Elmore James is best at this, in my humble opinion. - Britgirl

Slide Blues. - zxm

6 Blues Popularized the Use of Electric Guitar, Classical Mostly Stuck with Acoustic Guitar

Actually Jazz Popularized Electric Guitar. But it was a part of blues. - zxm

7 Classical Had More Lead Part, Blues Had More Rhythm Part

Carlos Montoya. Used to play lead guitar. And he isn't new. While at that time blues players used to play rhythm guitar. - zxm

8 Blues Had More Uses of Major Chords, Classical Had Minor Chord

Not strictly, but I have noticed it. - zxm

9 Blues Was Popularized in America, Classical Was Popularized in Europe

Didn't want to add it. But couldn't find other things. But its actually true. Blues was popularized in America (United States). Classical was popularized in Spain, Italy etc. - zxm

10 Classical Guitarists Played Faster Than Blues Guitarists

Not really a major thing. But Sabicas vs Robert Johnson. Carlos Montoya vs Son House. - zxm

The Contenders

11 Classical Guitar Has Tremolo Picking
12 Classical Guitar Has Tapping

I don't even doubt it. The first tapping done by Niccolò Paganini. And he also played guitar. - zxm

13 Blues Guitarists Play Pinch Harmonics

Roy Buchanan's pinch harmonics on telecaster. Then Billy Gibbons - zxm

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