Top 10 Common Disney Cliches

The Top Ten

1 Celebrities
2 Friendship Saves the Day!
3 Spoiled Children
4 Songs
5 Laugh Tracks
6 Alpha Bitches
7 Nerds
8 Bad Morals
9 The One Character with 10000 Boyfriends
10 Evil Cats

What about Oliver and Company? Oliver is a cat, and he's not evil.

Why are cats evil? I love cats! Whoever made the Siamese twins from L&T really should've seen Sailor Moon. CATS. ARE. GOOD!

The Contenders

11 The Dumb Character Everybody Makes Fun Of
12 Funny sidekick character
13 Overprotective Dad
14 Bratty Teenage Daughter
15 Animal Stereotypes
16 Gender Norms
17 Evil Hyenas
18 Evil Snakes
19 Heroic Mice
20 Annoying Sidekick Character
21 Parents Dead or Dying
22 Disneyland/World references
23 Dumb Henchmen
24 Moral/Lesson at the End of Movie
25 Once Upon a Time.... Then They All Lived Happily Ever After
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