Common Game Reviewer Mistakes

These are mistakes many big game reviewers make now-a-days is there more you can think of?

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If you want to jump on a gaming franchise you would want to take good research on it but that is the problem with many gaming critics is that they do not want to invest on at least most franchises. Take Metal gear solid 5 Angry Joe started reviewing this legendary franchise and said in a stream that he wouldn't invest in the franchise and the community roasted him about it. To any big reviewer if you want to get into a franchise take time to reasearch look at playthrough or watch cutscenes yes it maybe long but I'd perfer a very informative good video over some random guy who knows little info on a game. - EditKenzan

Not giving a bad game a chance

It seems like now-a-days game reviwers wants to bash or in this instance beat a dead horse because while Metal Gear Survive was a bad game, reviewers point on its flaws the bad way not mentioning you have many tools and gadgets and having to farm and level up you stanima. - EditKenzan

Rush games for review Clicks

Without a doubt that most people get games real early and rush them just to get clicks on a review and miss out on many good or bad things about the game and giving poor information compare to those who spent more time with the game. - EditKenzan

Shady scores

Sometimes when a reviewer bashes or praises a game they give them odd scores like KOGaming was dissapointed in the Last Guardian you would think he would give it a 6 or a 5 but no for some reason he gave it a 7/10. - EditKenzan

Long Skits

Should be no surprise big youtubers seems to can't stop themselves from doing long skits that would make a viewer disinterested especially if its not clever. - EditKenzan

Attitude change

Well its common with every youtuber when they go from being funny and clever to overreacted and boring. - EditKenzan

Long Intros on Videos

Yeah some youtubers give quite long intro's, sure we maybe impatient but we want to get information on the game not a 30-50 sec intro for something cool sure you worked hard on it but some people would want to just get straight to the video. - EditKenzan

Misconceptions about the Game

Sometimes reviewers give misconceptions to games and do little to no reasearch on games and just say things without context or stating facts that they would compare a game to a certain genre where that wasn't the point. - EditKenzan


The editing in some reviews can be bad (KOGaming) - EditKenzan


Filler to the lists but it can be either be good or bad depending on tastes. - EditKenzan

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