Most Common Generalizations or Ideas People Have About Argentina or It's People


The Top Ten

1 We are all egocentric
2 We are all thieves
3 We are all liars
4 Argentina? Maradona! (or Messi)

And now Pope Francis! - keyson

5 We don't like English people

Who can even believe this? If only they knew! - keyson

Keyson loving our Britgirl is the exception to that rule.

I'd say we get on famously, Keyson. Love you! - Britgirl

Not so! However we utterly do on the Malvinas Argentinas!

6 Argentinian women are the prettiest of the world

No they're not. I'm a Argentinian man and I think Argentinian women are hard-faced and not pretty at all. Indian girls are prettiest of the world.

Obviously not. But... are you just asuming all of the above is true? - keyson

7 We are all middle class
8 We are all lazy and disorganized
9 Argentina? Tango!

Something to live for.

10 Argentina? Is that in Europe?

The Contenders

11 We're all obsessed with football/soccer

Argentina 0 - Croatia 3

12 Argentina? Can you eat that?
13 We are all Argentinians

Man, this list be racist.

14 The men are ugly with greasy hair

Oh, I don't believe this at all! Would it make a difference to their lovely personalities? Methinks not. - Britgirl

15 Everyone eats empanadas for breakfast, steak for lunch and pasta for dinner.
16 Argentina? Don't they have some kind of waterfall there?
17 Argentina? Is that in Africa?
18 Argentina? Is that in Central America?
19 Argentina? Is that in Asia?
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