Top Ten Common Grammar Mistakes


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1 Your and You're

Your-that is your parcel.
You're- you're so clever! - Puga

2 There, their and they're

There- it is over there.
Their- they hang up their coats.
They're- they're walking the dog. - Puga

3 It's and Its
4 To, too and two

To- I sent it to you.
Too- that is too much sugar.
Two- one, two, three. - Puga

5 A and an

Incorrect- I ride a elephant.
Correct- I ride an elephant. - Puga

6 Then and Than
7 Exclusion of Oxford Comma

One of my pet peeves is exclusion of the Oxford comma.

"We went to the Beatles concert with the groupies, Jagger and Richards."

"We went to the Beatles concert with the groupies, Jagger, and Richards."

See the difference? - PetSounds

Let's eat Grandma.
Let's eat, Grandma. - Puga

8 Apostrophes in plurals

Everyone has to stop adding appostrophe's to plural's. - Turkeyasylum

9 Incorrect number of Ellipsis periods

This is incredibly common. When a sentence ends in an ellipsis, there must be FOUR periods.

Incorrect: "I'm not sure…"

Correct: "I'm not sure…."

Omitting the fourth period is the equivalent of ending a sentence with a comma. - PetSounds

After a complete sentence many people only use three periods.

Incorrect: I'm not sure…

Correct: I'm not sure….

Excluding the ellipsis period is like putting a comma at the end of a sentence.

Capital list, by the way. - PetSounds

10 Much and many

This may bother me more than any other. Especially since my class doesn't learn to say it right.

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11 Are and is

I've made this mistake a few times before for assignments. It can sneak up on you even while proofreading them. - Kwaysar

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1. There, their and they're
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1. Your and You're
2. There, their and they're
3. It's and Its


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