Top Ten Common Inventions We Don't Need But Can't Live Without

Back in the "good old days", it was all down to surviving. Now, we've made so many breakthroughs that life is practically perfect! Sadly, that leads to many Inventions that help us relax or make things more convenient for us, and basically turn us into lazy slobs. Now, I personally love these inventions, and I'm literally using two of them right now, but yeah, we really don't need them. Enjoy!
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1 Cell Phones Cell Phones Product Image

Even though not everyone needs a cell phone and we might stick to living ordinary lives instead, cell phones can actually be useful. You don't just use it for gaming and social media you know; you can use your phones to contact friends or family members by messaging or calling, have access to online shopping, being used as a research tool with the internet and sometimes listening to music on streaming apps like Spotify.

Yes, phones, obviously, take first place, because everyone needs theirs, we’re attached to them, both literally and metaphorically. Ridiculously, more people in the world have cell phones than access to toilets and proper plumbing. You’d think that, from that, phones were great! But what is so special about phones? You want to call someone, there’s so many other ways to do that. Think of Telephones. You know, that ancient device Aztecs may have used, to communicate. With the squiggly wire and the two circles? It may be old, but it works! Surfing the web? We’ve got computers, I-Pads, Tablets, and much more. Time, we have clocks. Texting? You can do that on computers, I-Pads, and tablets, again. Everything you can do on a phone you can do on a variety of other things.

I use a flip phone, you really don't need much more than that. Smart phones have a bunch of features we don't need, all they do is distract us and make us waste our time.

I think it's important for calling people if you're in an emergency, but also people don't need to spend 8-10 hours on their phone. They should try to get some fresh air.

2 Social Media

This is for the legal spies, the killer and enemies. These day people will spent most of their time chatting with you online than in person. Back then, social gather was the thing, everybody was wishing when they would meet again but never these day expect for real friends.

I know that this (thetoptens) could technically be considered social media, but I’m talking about the stuff in the picture. So much bad stuff has come from these types of social media that it’s barely obscured by the good stuff. Push that aside, and you’ve got a whole world of sadness, online bullying, degrading messages, trolls, and other horrible stuff. Pretty much every bad thing Trump Supporters did, like the Capitol Riots, came from Trump tweeting something. Remove social media and life would actually be a lot better, no matter how much you think you need it.

I don't always need to be extremely active on social media since I realised how deteriorating it is for your mental health, depending on how you use the social networking apps and what you do on the internet.

Similar to my "Cell Phones" comment about spending 8-10 hours with.

3 Television

Yes I love to watch TV

Imagine still watching cable TV, cringe.

Why isn’t books on this list?

most def also I would add more

4 Computers Computers Product Image

How can I go to school while following rules? Should I use a lamp?

We won’t be able to go on zoom calls then

can't do school without

5 Ice Machines Ice Machines Product Image

Yeah, many fridges, including my own, have ice machines, and you can also buy them on their own. But seriously? They may be convenient, but so much money either goes into the production and purchasing of these or literally buying ice out of a machine like this. Just buy a little ice container, fill it up with water, put it into the freezer and it saves the people who make these mounds of money, which they can put into the use of fighting global warming or something productive like that!

For a single-family or person this doesn't seem ideal however in any industry that serves drinks to a lot of people (like a restaurant or bar) this is a very valuable and convenient tool.

Never had one and I honestly don't see the use for it.

Yeah my family has never owned one.

6 Throw Pillows Throw Pillows Product Image

Even though buying pillows which you can use for throwing are not needed, I do admit I like to use them for my bed when going to sleep.

Just so you know, this means the decorative pillows you won’t sleep on, but will sometimes be around for decoration or to rest your back on a chair. They’re really common in hotel rooms, and they’re usually smaller and less comfy than regular pillows but sometimes extravagant, with an expensive feel to them and sometimes some fancy decor on them. Now do you know what I’m talking about? Anyways, this is so bad I can’t even comprehend it. It’s terrible for the environment, it doesn’t help with anything but decoration, and it’s super expensive. The money being put into it could be being used for other things.

Throw pillows are a ridiculous waste of money and time. They are only used for decoration, they aren’t actually comfortable. And if you sleep on them, it’s not good for you

Completely useless, they are just a waste of money and resources.

7 Heated Toilets

This is not a necessity! You have to pay so much money for a heated toilet, and if he people paying for heated toilets donated the same amount of money to poverty and people in need, there’d be a noticeable decrease in poverty. I’m very lucky. I live in a five bedroom, five bathroom house, and many other people have practically nothing, while I’m sure many readers of this are in a similarly good position to me. I’ve donated money before, others can too. Also, to get back on our real topic, heated toilets are especially bad. This is a bit of an embarrassment for Americans, but almost 50 000 Americans injure themselves on the toilet every year, mainly because of distractions, and a heated toilet seat is another one of those.

Okay there is NOTHING worse than sitting on a toilet and finding it warm from the last person- and people pay for it to be like that? Insane...

I didn't know heated toilets we're a thing, that sounds useless and stupid.

I've never heard of them, and I also agree with RogerMcBaloney's comment.

8 Video Games

Video games are by no means a necessity, but they have the power to make a life so much better. Video games help people with various mental issues. All-in-all, they can brighten anyone's day, furthermore life.

I think people get money from playing these. I understand if you think they're unnecessary. You just listen to the trashy things school teaches you. Have fun doing algebra

Video Games have actually more pros to it than most seem to know

we always need video games because its fun

9 Microwaves Microwaves Product Image

Ouch. I hated putting this on here, but I needed to. I have a microwave. I use it daily. You’d think it’s pretty useful and a necessity, right? But no. Microwaves are expensive, but more than you think. They use up a ton of electricity, a lot more than ovens or other means of heating. We really don’t need them. They’re just a easier way of cooking things, though maybe less efficient.

How are we supposed to heat frozen pizza then?

10 Beanbag Chairs Beanbag Chairs Product Image

Much like couches, these serve absolutely no purpose except for being comfortable, sometimes even more comfortable than on couches (perish the thought!). I'll admit that I have two in my house, and I can actually imagine life without them, unlike couches, which probably means they aren't as bad as couches. However, Beanbag chairs can definitely lead to back problems, slouching, and laziness, so the negative benefits practically outweigh the positive ones.

I use these for relaxing as more comfortable versions of a chair. Sure they are not needed since we have ordinary chairs, sofas and beds to sit on instead but beanbag chairs are really comfortable sit down on.

I never really found these comfortable, to be frank.

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11 Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Product Image

If air conditioners stopped being made, I might as well be burning to death. My last sentence:
"This is what happens when air conditioner's don't exist."

I actually need this! My dad always turns the heat on at night and it feels like a sauna in my room. Without it, I would wake up drenched in sweat.

We probably actuallly need ac

12 Couches

I'm relaxing on the couch as I write this right now, and as much as it seems to be important, it really isn't. You don't need couches, and they can cause serious slouching problems as well as laziness, no matter how comfortable they seem. However, I'll defend the three couches in my house with my life, so it clearly shows that even while making a list like this, I'm still as lazy as you can be.

Couches are literally the best place to lie down on, besides beds. Just- Don't. You might as well remove the TV if you're removing COUCHES.

True. I could probably watch the football on Tele whilst still standing up.

So we could lie down and watch TV.

13 Tablets Tablets Product Image

The big phone with computer abilities.

Lol I'm on a computer rn but tablets are cool

If you’re on this, you’re either on this thing or cell phone

14 Makeup Makeup Product Image

I am a girl and I rarely wear makeup. I can understand why some of the other ladies might enjoy wearing makeup to make themselves look pretty, but I personally don't need it, even though I have some makeup sets at home.

A lot of women don't need makeup at all. Same thing with cosmetic surgery, don't need it, it just makes your lips and other body parts stiff and unnatural.

Yeah, I personally think girls and boys are more attractive without the makeup on, though I’d never say that to my date. I’m sure many others agree. Don’t make yourself less natural to look better. The nicest, most beautiful looking things are all natural. The Grand Canyon, Mountains, beautiful views, sunsets, the Northern lights, Niagara Falls, a wintery, isolated wilderness. I’ve seen practically all of the things listed, as well as some of the most beautiful man-made things in the world, and it’s obvious which is better. Makeup is bad.

The most deceitful thing in the world. While used makeup when you know you are beautiful.

15 Wine Glasses Wine Glasses Product Image

These are definitely not needed. You don’t need a special glass for wine. You only really need one simple, useful, and reusable glass, and it’ll save you so much time and money.

Nobody needs to buy an expensive Wine Glass, it's a huge waste of money.

I don’t get the idea of Wine Glasses at all. It’s pretty much just a regular cup with a stem.

16 Beds

Mom: time to go to bed

17 Guest Towels

What are they?

18 Blankets Blankets Product Image
19 Toilet Paper

Dude. Whoever's washing their butts with water better clean up what remains and/or fell. Toilet paper is literally one of the best things to happen. I bet everyone here uses the things they're voting for. If you're voting for toilet paper, what're you using to rub your goddamn bottom with? A rubber ducky?

We need this in 2020 and 2021 lol I don't know why

We need this in 2020 (for some reason)

just wash your ass with water!

20 Books Books Product Image

I can’t live without books, tho-

Who CAN Live Without Books!?!? Books Are LIFE! -Gingerfur

21 Music

I think the world would just make noises and bang on stuff. Like before we had guitars and drums

I love music, but I hate celebrities, they're so annoying.

Cage the elephant all the way

Oh yes, music is awesome.

22 The Internet

The internet mess everything up, even though we are now addicted to it but we can all see how is working against us gradually.

23 Candy

Yum yum yum love candy

I LOVE candy! This time, you’re right.

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