Most Common Lies People Tell

what are the most common lies people say?? for me these are the most frequent lies!!

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1 I’m Fine

I have a friend, but lately he hasn't been coming to school much, I'd say he comes for about a week once every 4 weeks, and when the weekend comes around, he just doesn't come back for a while. He says that he's fine, but I don't know what I should do, since he clearly isn't fine. There has even been rumour that he has been faking depression to get out of school. I really don't know what I should do, I don't know whether I should call him, talk to some of his friends, wait until he comes back an have a proper talk or just let it go. And lately when I have been seeing him, I've been noticing how differently he has been acting, and I used to feel that we had a strong connection, but these days just being around him feels awkward. I have no idea what I should do, if I should do something, or even if it's worth keeping him in my life... - Lanturnizer6

This is sad. - Luckys

This is definitely number 1. It is really depressing when you're feeling down and grumpy and everyone around you can see that from your face yet they come and ask you, "Are you okay? " and you just automatically say, "I'm fine." because (1) your problem is way too complicated for them to understand and (2) you're way too exhausted from pretending you're just fine to explain your problem to them.

I actually abuse this lie so much

2 I Have Read & Agreed to the Above Terms and Conditions

If admin is reading this, then I definitely read them - sadical

Accurate. - Luckys

Exactly just scroll down to the I agree button - BreakFastBeast2005

I don’t have all day to read 15 pages in size 8 font FOR NOTHING.

3 I Don’t Lie

Grandma says that, but she just lied so. - Luckys

I think a lot of people try to do their best not to lie in their lives. Sure lying happens once in someone's life, but in some occasions, some people didn't intend to do it. - CrimsonShark

The most popular lies in our everyday lives. If you say this, then you are being dishonest to yourself first. All of us have lied at least once in our lives, mostly for good. Sometimes even over taken by our evil side. Yes all of us have lied, admit it. - madman38

Well everyone has lied at least once in their lives, so yea

4 I Am Sick

I tried that did not work

So true

5 Wow! You Look Great In That Dress.

Even though your inner heart says "hell no! You look like a clown" - madman38

Really? I'm not letting my friend go out looking ugly, go ahead, tell her! Or him, depends on how they roll. - keycha1n

Great? Oh my, I think I need to clean my ears. I must've misheard the phrase "Worse than a clown" as "great"! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

6 Don’t Worry! It Will Be Okay!

You tell this even though you know things are gonna get worse - madman38

I do say this often but I have every faith in my heart that things will be okay. I don't just say if for something to say. - Britgirl

7 I Will Be There In 5 Minutes

Black stereotype, it's true for my family we get there like 30min-1hr late. - Luckys

Tell them that if you’re not here in 5 minutes, just read it again - sadical

5 minutes more like 5 hours - BreakFastBeast2005

Wait, do you mean one hour? - MrCoolC

8 Sorry!! I Forgot

An everyday lie...

I assure you though, many times I really do forget! Other times... Lets not talk about those. - keycha1n

If I didn't forget I usually tell them other honest reason and not lie that I have forgotten

I really do forget a lot when I say this. -Not a lie I promise. - kennywilliams21

9 I Don't Care

Its true my mom says I have a instinct to lie so I just go along with it

I do Care - BreakFastBeast2005

YOU CARE! You even gave a damn and replied!

10 I Love You

Celebrity: I love all of my fans.

Oh, you mean the people you have no idea exist? - 3DG20

When somebody says: "I Love You", don't believe it is legitimate. - RandomThings

It is true

I would struggle to believe it at first. - IronSabbathPriest


The Contenders

11 I Am Fine

Bart simpson - Luckys

I'm depressed but you know I am fine

I'm fine, I just got fired from my job you know...

Nobody ever actually means they are fine when they say it, the y just say it so that the person asking leaves them alone

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12 LOL

Admit it, who actually laughs every time they send LOL?

There are some times where I put LOL and actually laugh, but for most of the time I don’t LOL (see what I did there? )

For real who even laughs?

Real life
zzzz, I’m tired and bored.

13 It's Not Mine

It's mine, but I have a reason why it's not mine right now.

~anyone under the age of 15!

14 I Care About You

Oh yeah? Prove it. Oh wait! You can’t. - 3DG20

I can't speak for others when they say this to me; I can only hope that they mean it because I certainly mean it when I say it. - Britgirl

Out of all the people who have said this to me, I know only 2 were telling the truth

To me, it isn't a lie. I care about others ( expect bullies and other bad people) - JaysTop10List

15 No Problem

You know what I am talking about. NO PROBLEM - madman38

16 I Am Part Native American

Lol. I've heard that one a lot!

17 I Didn't Do It I Didn't Do It

That show bringing back Disney memories. - Luckys

Very commonly said by young children to get the older ones in trouble. AND IT ALMOST ALWAYS WORKS! >:(

I just Voted because the show reference

Sometimes you say it before you even know what you're being accused of.

18 Do You Understand? Yes Sir

This will be number one lie if you are a student. Every time your teacher says "do you understand? " you have a readymade answer "Yes sir" - madman38

19 I Don't Know

A thing u say when your to lazy to explain it

20 I Never Said That

I either forgot about it and realized it later, and don't want to admit it for some stupid reason like pride, or you have no evidence, so I'm innocent.

I never said that I was going to go to bed soon.

21 Guess Who Doesn't Care About the Haters? Me.

You cared enough to make the comment... - 3DG20

This is an oxymoronic lie...

22 I Have Read The Terms And Conditions

That was already on the list. - 3DG20

23 You're Not Fat, You're Thick

, this happens to me all the time! everyone comes up to me and says "you're thick you fat chick! "

24 You're Taller
25 Animals Were Humanely Slaughtered to Become My Burger

Yes mam I did my homework

26 I Don't Have a Crush

This should be in the top 10.

I hate those people who ask that

No I swear, this isn't a lie, stop asking for who my dang crush is! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Sometimes this is actually true. - kennywilliams21

27 I Didn't Break the Window

I actually had to use this once! ok, maybe twice:(


28 I'm Not Drunk

All my friends tell this one

My relatives (especially the men) and dad after going to a family gathering and having like 2 beers and 5 glasses of wine (They're Asian)

You mean' I'm Drun Nonkt' - TwilightKitsune

29 White Privilege
30 I Understand
31 Santa is Real

Santa clus is not real people, get it thorgh your dum head!

Well, it is based on a real person, Saint Nicolas, but he was nothing like “Santa”. - 3DG20

32 I Can't Hear You

Sometimes when people want money from us all we can say is I can't hear you..

Usually you just don't understand them or need more time to think about what they said. - kennywilliams21

33 I'm Straight

I'm bi so eh...

This isn’t a lie. I am actually straight and have no desire to love someone the same gender. - 3DG20

Sometimes people will ask you "Are you gay? " It's really annoying. I'M STRAIGHT FOR THE LAST TIME! I've never ever told this lie. - kennywilliams21

I am straight though, unless it is a lie told by certain people. but yeah, i�'m legitimately straight.

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34 I Didn't Kill Them!
35 Macs Can't Get Viruses

Really? come on!

36 I'm Happy to Be Single

When I look at the mess my friends lives are in - yes - I am HAPPY to be single.
Some have even told me I am LUCKY to have not married.
Better to be alone than be with someone and miserable.

Anyone who thinks I’m lying when I say this clearly doesn’t know me very well. The last “relationship” I was in thankfully only lasted maybe a week, which is also one of the many reasons I put it in quotes, but I felt like I was stuck in it until I finally had the courage to break up with him because I was afraid to hurt his feelings, I was miserable for pretty much the whole run of it, and I blindly agreed to date someone who’s pretty much ditched me for other people many times before because I was too stupid to realize that no matter how many times I continued to come back to him, it was never gonna change. I am so happy to not only be single, but to say I’m not that person to forgive people too easily anymore. - 3DG20

37 No Homo

That the truth every guy has did it some pint or another

Don't lie, you know that when someone says no homo, a lot of the time, it's homo intended my dear friend.

38 It's Seven Inches

Go to Mocospace and they all brag about have ten inches, which is hilarious cause they're probably one inch - bobbythebrony

39 You're Cute
40 Wikipedia Isn't Reliable

Sometimes the truth, people vandalize some pages to make it look misleading - Leafeon

This isn't a lie...

This isn’t a lie. Anyone can edit Wikipedia pages, so if you’re going to rely on them, at least check with other sources. - 3DG20

41 I Didn't "Purposely" Hurt Them
42 I've Done It Before
43 I'm Big Boned

Because bones aren't solid and get bigger as you eat mcdonalds each day. - Skullkid755

44 You're My Favorite

Well, this wouldn't be a lie if my mom told it to my sister. - Mii24

45 I Have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend at Another School

Come on, don't tell me you didn't do this as a five year old when all of your other friends were getting married. I mean, I still tell this lie to my grandparents when they ask why my fiancee hasn't made it to holidays.

46 Don't worry about me!
47 We'll Stop If It Hurts

Yeah that is one that they always say

Doctors in particular. - PianoQueen

48 Yum! This Tastes Good

Sometimes my dad makes food that I didn't like but I say it's good just to be nice

Admittedly, I have lied a few times about food I didn’t like saying it was okay, but no one I’ve said it to believed it. - 3DG20

49 God Exists

Well, it isn't a lie because you can't prove or disprove God's existence. Stop debating since you'll never find good evidence for either. Just believe what you want to believe. - ethanmeinster

This is not really a lie because a lie is something people say which they know is not true. People who say this actually believe it is true so even if God did not exist ( I don’t believe that God exists) this would not be a lie simply a case of being mistaken. I suppose if I said God exists it would be a lie though because I don’t believe it.

You can't prove God isn't real. You'll know when you die. - kennywilliams21

I hate this bloody mess ( I am from London) GOD DOES EXIST!

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50 I Don't Like Him/Her

Sometimes I say it as a joke and make fun of people I clearly do like, but most of the time, I mean it. - 3DG20

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