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21 I Have Read The Terms And Conditions
22 Guess Who Doesn't Care About the Haters? Me.

This is an oxymoronic lie...

23 You're Taller
24 Animals Were Humanely Slaughtered to Become My Burger

Yes mam I did my homework

25 You're Not Fat, You're Thick

, this happens to me all the time! everyone comes up to me and says "you're thick you fat chick! "

26 I Didn't Break the Window V 2 Comments
27 I Understand
28 Macs Can't Get Viruses V 1 Comment
29 I Don't Have a Crush

No I swear, this isn't a lie, stop asking for who my dang crush is! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Sometimes this is actually true. - kennywilliams21


Everyone has a crush evenif it's a mmeaningful crush

30 It's Seven Inches

Go to Mocospace and they all brag about have ten inches, which is hilarious cause they're probably one inch - bobbythebrony

31 Santa is Real
32 I'm Not Drunk V 1 Comment
33 I Didn't Kill Them!
34 We'll Stop If It Hurts

Yeah that is one that they always say

V 1 Comment
35 Yum! This Tastes Good

Sometimes my dad makes food that I didn't like but I say it's good just to be nice

36 God Exists

Well, it isn't a lie because you can't prove or disprove God's existence. Stop debating since you'll never find good evidence for either. Just believe what you want to believe. - ethanmeinster

I hate this bloody mess ( I am from London) GOD DOES EXIST!

You can't prove God isn't real. You'll know when you die. - kennywilliams21

37 I Don't Like Him/Her
38 What? V 1 Comment
39 I Didn't "Purposely" Hurt Them
40 I Can't Hear You

Usually you just don't understand them or need more time to think about what they said. - kennywilliams21

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1. I Have Read & Agreed to the Above Terms and Conditions
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1. I’m Fine
2. I Have Read & Agreed to the Above Terms and Conditions
3. Wow! You Look Great In That Dress.

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