Top Ten Common Misconceptions

Things people believe to be true that are factually incorrect.

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1 Charles Darwin theorised that humans evolved from apes
2 Jesus was born on December 25

Yes. Everyone seems to think that Jesus was born on December 25, he's not. He wasn't even born in winter. He was probably born in late spring or early summer. It seems like I'm one of the only people who knows this. Great list by the way.

We celebrate his birthday on that day. He wasn't born. - funnyuser

He was born. Historical evidence shows that Jesus was a real person. - ethanmeinster

Nobody thinks this.
In fact most of the items on this list are not "common misconceptions" anywhere, nor have they been for a long time.

3 The Gameboy was the first Nintendo handheld

The Game n Watch was actually their first hand held.

4 You have to drink 8 glasses of water everyday

You can't drink eight glasses of water everyday. I tried that once and I had to go to the bathroom for the whole day. Trust me. It's not fun.

Believe me, I've never done this. 3 is probably the most I've ever drank. - Minecraftcrazy530

5 Winter weather causes colds and the flu

Cols and the flu are caused by viruses, not the temperature of the air. Bad weather may cause people to congregate which leads to viruses being shared more frequently, but it does not cause the sickness.

6 Whales are fish

No. Whales are not fish. They are mammals.

Do people even assume that whales are fish anymore?

7 Elephant is the biggest mammal on Earth

No. The elephant is not the biggest mammal in the world. The blue whale is. They're also the world's biggest animals because they're even bigger than the dinosaurs! While the African elephant is the biggest land mammal, the blue whale is the biggest sea mammal.

8 Infant vaccinations cause Autism

Never been proven. The lone often cited study that fueled the whole debate was completely biased, disowned by the journal that published it, and authored by a researcher who may be criminally prosecuted.

There are many causes, and I believe to be a toxic substance affecting the brain, coming from a variety of things, one of which are vaccinations, but not just infant ones. - Wolftail

If this was true, I would still get vaccinations, having Autism is 1000000000x better than dying from a curable disease. - MrCoolC

9 Men think about sex every seven seconds

We're not all pedophiles. We think about other things, like video games, working, fixing the computer, and football (American football) - ethanmeinster

If we did then we would end up raping the innocent.

10 The Great Wall of China is one of only a handful of man made things that can be seen from space

True, you can see the wall from space, but it's difficult, you have to know what you are looking for, and the conditions have to be just right. But think about it. If you can see the Wall which is roughly the same color as the surrounding terrain and is less than 50 feet wide, then you can certainly see a 12 lane Los Angeles freeway that is over twice as wide as well as a whole bunch of other man made objects.


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11 The color red angers a bull

Bulls are color blind. It's the waving motion that attracts them. The red color is for the benefit of the crowd.

12 Human blood in veins is blue

It's not blue it's just a myth. - XxembermasterxX

Blood in the body is just as red as when it comes out. The apparent blue coloring is caused by the walls of the veins and your skin.

The blue blood is oxygen poor blood. Once introduced to oxygen, it turns red.

Human blood is never blue. it only looks blue because of the tissues and skin covering it. Blood is always red.

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13 Humans only use 10% of our brain

I believe that is knowledge wise, right? But if it's just in general then, would I be able to get rid of 90% and be ineffective?

Ok, if whoever put this thinks we use 100% percent of our brain, think about this: if you actually used 100% of your brain, wouldn't you be able to remember everything? You would also be much smarter than you are now. - Minecraftcrazy530

14 The fruit is named after the color orange

Other way around

15 Goldfish have a 3 second memory

Actually, when tested, their memory lasted up to six months. - ethanmeinster

16 Jesus was the founder of Christianity

Jesus was a Jew, not a Christian. He was the messiah, and the actual son of God, which kind of makes it complicated. - ethanmeinster

He did not intend to create a new religion. It was his followers who did so.

17 Sharks don't get cancer
18 Poinsettias are poisonous

People are still scared to death that their children or pets will eat these decorative holiday plants, but numerous studies have shown that the worst that could happen is some mild indigestion.

19 Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker

Short hair seems thicker, but it is just perception.

20 The human tongue has different regions dedicated to different tastes
21 The BMW logo represents an airplane propeller

It has colors of Bavarian flag - BorisRule

This was even mentioned in the movie Finding Forrester but in truth the logo was based on the Bavarian flag and was not associated with a propeller until a dozen years later.

22 Pit bulls have a locking jaw

Once they bite you they will never let go unless you stab or etc. CREEPY (that's why I would not trust on while I am sleeping in the same bed) I don't say their bad but when you don't give it love and care they will betray you and pit bulls are really great dogs. I mean it.

Simply not true, otherwise, how would they eat? In fact, the pit bull doesn't necessarily have the strongest bite strength among dog breeds.

23 Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death

The skin recedes which makes it look like the hair and fingernails are growing.

24 Swallowed chewing gum stays in the body for up to 7 years

Actually, gum won’t digest at all. So, it will stay up for not long. - MrCoolC

The idea is that gum cannot be digested. But if you have ever chewed a piece of gum until it breaks down, you know this isn't true.

I've also heard that chewing gum makes your heart beat faster.

Maybe the reason that schools forbid chewing gum is that arrogant students keep sticking their gum under all the tables. and it must be hard trying to get it all of it off from under there.

25 A mother bird will reject babies that have handled by humans

I swear, I think half of these are in National Geographics "Myths Busted" book. - Minecraftcrazy530

26 Lightning never strikes the same place twice

At the spire of EmpirecState building, lightning has already struck 38 times - yatharthb

27 The Vikings wore horned helmets

Vikings have never wore horns on their helmets. and that's a good thing because that would be dangerous!

28 Napoleon was shorter than average

He was 5 foot 7 inches in international units, and the average French man at that time was 5 foot 5 inches. - ethanmeinster

29 Bananas come from a tree
30 Tomatoes are vegetables

They're actually fruits.

31 Daddy Long Legs are extremely poisonous, but their mouths are too small to bite people

I think this is true. - funnyuser

32 Tryptophan in turkey causes people to become sleepy

Tryptophan does cause sleepiness, but not in the quantities people get from eating Turkey. The real reasons people get tired on Thanksgiving are related to overeating and all the time spent preparing food.

33 Eating before swimming causes cramps
34 Hormones in dairy milk cause early female puberty

No study has proven this theory. People believe this based on circumstantial evidence. Girls in the U.S. are going through puberty earlier than they used to. Hormones didn't used in the production of dairy milk, but they are given to cows today. Therefore, hormones in milk are causing early puberty.

But this logic falls apart when you consider that girls in other first world nations are also going through puberty earlier than ever before, even when the country has banned the use of hormones in dairy farming. The truth is that girls do not start puberty until their bodies have a sufficient fat content. This is why female gymnasts often times do not start puberty until after the stop competing. In the past, girls were skinnier. Today, girls are fatter than ever and primed to start puberty at an early age.

35 Ancient Romans purged themselves in vomitoriums so they could eat more

A vomitorium is a hallway for large crowds for people to exit an amphitheater or stadium, not a building for people to practice binging and purging. We still have vomitoriums today and although the drunk guy at the football game may spew in one as he is leaving the stadium, that's not what it is designed or named for.

36 Europeans in Christopher Columbus’s time believed the world was flat

The Greeks found out that the world was a sphere - MrCoolC

I actually believe this, they looked at the map and believed that the world was flat and they were afraid that they would fall somehow. - funnyuser

No Columbus thought it was flat and in fact he was scared of going

No not Thomas Aquinas

37 Humans lose the majority of body heat through the head
38 Ben Franklin discovered electricity
39 Geishas are prostitutes
40 Rabbits mostly eat carrots

Carrots do to rabbits what sweets do to humans. While rabbits like carrots as a treat, it is not healthy for them to eat carrots a lot.

41 The moon only comes out at night

I’ve seen the Moon before night. - MrCoolC

The moon is out in the daytime just as much and has absolutely no relation to the day-night cycle. - Hajj

I've seen it during the day many times. It is usually visible during the late afternoon.

42 Cleopatra VII Philopator was beautiful

If you Google the coins which have Cleopatra's face on them, you will notice that she has masculine features. Marc Antony and Caesar were probably attracted to her because she was a powerful woman and not because of her looks.

43 All bats are blind

"Blind as a bat" is a catchphrase now. People used to think bats where blind.

44 Cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis
45 "AD" stands for after death

This makes absolutely no sense. If "B.C." means "before christ", then Jesus would have lived for only a moment, as 1 "before christ" would come right before 1 "after death". It actually means "anno denomi" (latin: year of our lord) - Hajj

46 Friedrich Nietzsche's madness occurred from syphilis

When I first heard this one, I already thought it was ridiculous because a sexually transmitted disease and mental illness have no real correlation with each other. However, after looking it up on the Internet, I found out that Freidrich Neitzsche's madness was actually from brain cancer. This makes more sense because a disturbance in the brain's structure can affect a person's mental state.

Tertiary (late-stage) syphilis commonly DOES cause dementia.
Sexually-transmitted diseases are TRANSMITTED sexually. That doesn't mean they affect only the reproductive organs.

47 Hermione was pronounced "Her-me-un"
48 Republicans founded the KKK

Democrats did. - 445956

49 Unionists were Democrats and the Confederates were the Republicans
50 Sneezing is a sign of a cold

The truth is, they aren't. Coughs are. - 445956

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1. Charles Darwin theorised that humans evolved from apes
2. Jesus was born on December 25
3. Jesus was the founder of Christianity
1. The fruit is named after the color orange
2. Goldfish have a 3 second memory
3. Sharks don't get cancer
1. Charles Darwin theorised that humans evolved from apes
2. The Gameboy was the first Nintendo handheld
3. Jesus was born on December 25



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