Educating the Stingy L@$£R$: Danish-ness-less

There comes a time when these special cornflakes think they know everything just because they didn't do a trend that everyone did, causing hem to make accusations that are even poorly thought out than a Lil' Wayne pun and for the people they're going up against. It's fun to poke fun at these pseudo intellectuals and it's sure funnier to see them act all edgy with their golden-coated top hats and thick-tailor steampunk glasses. It's also gonna be a top-off since I, Mr. Croucher, will be examining these stupid points being said by these diseasedanations and make them fall on their knees and beg for mercy. And the three pointers begin.

"Oh Jesus Cheesus, that swaggot is telling that slut that I definitely don't have a crush on that she's her bae and will love her til' the day he dies. Doesn't he know that in the land of bacon, known as Denmark, the word 'bae' means 'excrement' and he's pretty much saying that she's full of s*** or shall I say, 'bae'."

Oh my god, this is literally the first time I heard some complain about people's dialecte that isn't about the English language! You see kids, humans do evolve into more retards. So this guy is gonna pull out the "counries with words meaning differently" card. Well, he lost that Poker game because I raise the question of why do you give a flying rats ass about a word that mean something else in a different country? This isn't the only one you know. It's pretty obvious that you've found that out by someone else since you haven't even considered other words that fall in the same category. Like the word "bunny hug". You see, in Scandinavian countries that word revers to as 'a hoodie', seems pretty friendly but that's totally unacceptable because in Canada, 'bunny hug' means 'having sex' but oh wait, I've still have yet to hear someone yelp about this. In fact, let's bully the Danish kid in the playground with words. 'Schlimm' is a word of fortune in that country since it's a nickname given for kids who are 'successful' and 'smart' but of course being who Germany is like the Lex Luthor of the European Union with such diabolical people like Uwe Boll, that little nickname that every kid wants to be known like a king or emporer is the exact opposite and it's given for little brats like you, who are 'unsuccessful' and 'idiotic'. Don't ask for preservatives in France because the word 'preservatives' is pronouced as 'prèservatifs' which is French for a good ol' jolly or should I say 'condom?'

Damn, screw the entire country and screw politics! But hold up, I'm not done yet, let's look at gestures because in case someone picks up something about how high fives is Danish for accepting your child to be sex slaves, this will be an important note to save a generation. Giving the 'got your nose' to your baby nephew is a lil' playtime joke to amuse them but Turkish people are gona call Child Protection Support if you did it in front of them because to them, it's an aggressive gesture and you're prety much teaching babies on how to reply to a teacher when you get no gold stars on your essay about cows. Giving the top notch circle form with the thumb and index finger is a fancy gesture for "great", "spot on" and of course, "top notch" but in Greece, totally unacceptable. No, just no, do this and you're havily implying that something is crap, foul and awful.

So basically, alot of things that can be classified as a matey chip call can also mean dictating shot putts in other country. So please, anyone who does this can get a naked candlelit waxing on their nutsack and give me the sheeps permission to drain all it's blood on the dying person's mouth to garnish. Imma use my knife to carve "I was here" to give y'all 'a warning.


Nice one - bobbythebrony