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41 Cleopatra VII Philopator was beautiful

If you Google the coins which have Cleopatra's face on them, you will notice that she has masculine features. Marc Antony and Caesar were probably attracted to her because she was a powerful woman and not because of her looks.

42 All bats are blind
43 Cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis
44 "AD" stands for after death

This makes absolutely no sense. If "B.C." means "before christ", then Jesus would have lived for only a moment, as 1 "before christ" would come right before 1 "after death". It actually means "anno denomi" (latin: year of our lord) - Hajj

45 Friedrich Nietzsche's madness occurred from syphilis

When I first heard this one, I already thought it was ridiculous because a sexually transmitted disease and mental illness have no real correlation with each other. However, after looking it up on the Internet, I found out that Freidrich Neitzsche's madness was actually from brain cancer. This makes more sense because a disturbance in the brain's structure can affect a person's mental state.

Tertiary (late-stage) syphilis commonly DOES cause dementia.
Sexually-transmitted diseases are TRANSMITTED sexually. That doesn't mean they affect only the reproductive organs.

46 Hermione was pronounced "Her-me-un"
47 Republicans founded the KKK
48 Unionists were Democrats and the Confederates were the Republicans
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1. Charles Darwin theorised that humans evolved from apes
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