Top Ten Common Mistakes People Make Everyday

What are the most silly mistakes people do? Find out.

The Top Ten

1 Mixing up their, they're, and there

I don't do this but I see it every day on The TopTens. - Metal_Treasure

No I don't do this ever! So their! :P - Britgirl

Yeah, they’re is people on TheTopTens who always confuse these.

I don’t know why they’re are people who confuse these. - mistyglow

2 Mixing up your and you're

You’re grammar is the worst if you do. - mistyglow

3 Losing something and find out they have been holding it the whole time

Yes this is so brilliant when you see someone do this and yes it happens to me as well!

4 Buying something and never using it

I do that all the time!

5 Wasting time

I'm doing that now... - Cyri

Wasting Time! Lost in love! We can go where no one will ever find us! So let’s waste time! While we’re young! Those are the only words I know to that song...

6 Wasting money
7 Trying to push a door that says "pull" and vice versa
8 Falling for an updraft 
9 Walking into a room and forgetting why they are there

Oh Boy, this sometime happens to me :P - Righteous

10 Misusing "unique" to mean "unusual" or "exceptional"

See most unique singing voices including the comments to see how common this is.

The Contenders

11 Forgetting purse

My mum has done this once lol

12 Forgetting work boots

I did this this morning silly me lol

13 Losing money
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