Top 10 Most Common Music Stereotypes

There are many music steriotypes, there's probably at least one for every genre. These are the most common ones.

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1 Metal fans are satanists

Not all metal is satanist, I really like death metal, and my stereotype is that metal haters are crazy fangirls and that they have no talent in music

Oh hell no! The thing is all music genres have a stupid stereotype like this.

It’s just good music

Our opinions are more well-founded and well-defended, except the extremely narrow-minded elitists. Not to mention that only a small percentage of metal fans are actual satanists.

That's not true. Just think about how great Ghost (doom metal + pop) are. If you don't know them, listen right now. - Songsta41

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2 Rap fans are criminals

Lol that cracked me up. In my country, people think metal fans are criminals.

This is commonly associated with black people, which is racist on its own. - SwagFlicks

Most Hip-Hop Heads like myself don't have time for a life of crime because we're too busy listening to hip hop/rap - KrazzyMadd

This, being accoiated with being black, is racist. However, only the old songs have lyrics about them but don't get me wrong, old rap is phenomenal. - AlphaQ

3 Justin Bieber fans are crazy fangirls

I like Justin Bieber and I'm not that crazy for him.

Nah, those are the Directioners.

I don't like JB but I know fans of him that aren't crazy fangirls. - Martinglez

True, but some are shy and quiet. I used to be one (When I was 5...fml).

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4 Reggae fans are rasta marijuana smokers

Not true. My cousin likes reggae and he is none of this.

Who put this on the list? Why does it exist? - DynastiNoble

5 One Direction fans are crazy fangirls

I used to be very crazy for One Direction, back in my teens.

Actually more than half of those I see are actually really crazy about their looks.

They compare with Kpop fans.

This is the only true stereotype on this list.

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6 Pop fans are crazy fangirls

Not all of us - blackflower

I'm a crazy fangirl, and pop is the bane of my existence. But this stereotype is true, most pop fans I've met are obsessed. - RiverClanRocks

7 Rap is only about sex, drugs and money

so wrong


8 Rock fans have long hair

I've been listing to classic rock fora couple years now, and in that time I've only gotten small haircuts, about an inch, or less, and last time I checked, a few months ago my hair measured in at about 8-9 inches long

I really like rock music and I never had long hair. - Userguy44

I actually do have long hair, it's safe to say that most metalheads have long hair now, but most of Classic Rocks fans are in their 40's now so they probably have short hair - KrazzyMadd

Do dreadlocks count? Cause I have them. - AlphaQ

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9 Rap fans wear chains

I (hip hop head) have a few chains, I only wear one though and not often because they're just to much to carry around - KrazzyMadd

I have a chain but I don't really care much about it. - AlphaQ

10 Classical fans are old

Classical music will be the last music standing. It's been around long before there were even musical recordings. I am 43 now but started listening to this stuff when I was 17.

I hate this one so much. I'm 14 and classical is one of my favorites. - CommanderLudwig

That’s not true! Not all of them! I’m 13 and I love classical and jazz. Pop is so horrible in my honest opinion!

I’m not - blackflower

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11 Anything with unclean vocals is automatically "screamo".

So false... that I don't even know where to begin.

Exactly.Metalcore is often associated with Screamo but it's not.Metalcore bands like Asking Alexandria and Bring Me The Horizon have made some Screamo stuff but you have to be Emo to make Screamo which would mean bands like Bullet For My Valentine and Miss May I are not Screamo but they're Metalcore.Screamo is stuff like Alexisonfire,Black Veil Brides,Orchid,Pg 99 and I Set My Friends On Fire and Metalcore is stuff like Bullet For My Valentine,Miss May I,As I Lay Dying,Killswitch Engage,Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold(Older stuff).Asking Alexandria and Bring Me The Horizon are both Screamo and Metalcore.-DarkBoi-X

12 Christians can't listen to metal

I'm a christian girl (15) who is very strong in belief and trust in the lord. I also love metal, classic rock, thriller movies, and fandoms. I'm a Christian- I believe in god and I follow his rules. Stereotypes aren't fair- are they?

I love Metallica and I'm Christian

No, a lot of Christians listen to Metal. - AlphaQ

Erm I'm a Christian and have lots of Christian friends who love metal we all listen to it constantly

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13 Metal fans hate pop

The genre "pop" in my opinion is trash because it has no meaning to it and isn't even written by the pop star most of the time. Also the excessive use of autotune

How did you now? - ass23

Most metal fans I see usually hate on pop but don't worry I respect your opinion but I'm a bit sick of the bashing. - AlphaQ

I don't hate all pop music - christangrant

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14 Punk Rock fans have crazy hairdos

As a punk, I can say that while there are exceptions, you aren't exactly wrong.

15 Opera fans are sophisticated

Lisa Loud is an opera fangirl like I am. She is so sophisticated and so am I. I love opera. - DynastiNoble

16 Rap nowadays sucks

There's good ones, but when we have people like Cardi B, Lil Wayne and Lil Pump, it's understandable to see that modern rap sucks. There are plenty of good rappers out there, you just need to know where to look - Lanturnizer6

I think they're has always been bad rappers, but there were more good rappers back then, than there are now, if you wanna find a good artist nowadays, don't listen to the radio - KrazzyMadd

Rap Now in days SUCK there may be a god bat but there's no good singing!

Nah, trap is worse.

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17 All jazz music is sexy
18 Metal has no depth
19 When music sounds bad, it's the technicians fault

I feel like sometimes a musician has so little talent that there is nothing a technician can do. You can probably make it bearable, but at that point it would be so little of the original content that the technician might as well have made the music by him/herself. I'm not a technician though.

20 Only black people like hip hop and rap

Oh, no. I like a few bands, and I'm half Chinese

21 Majority of Lana Del Rey Fans are Part of the LGBT+ Community
22 Dancing to Swing turns you into a gentleman
23 Jazz is only listened to by the working class people

I'm 13. I have the radio in my bedroom perpetually turned onto a jazz station. - RiverClanRocks

I'm a working class girl and I love jazz. - DynastiNoble

24 Only hicks listen to country

Hell no. I'm a city boy who enjoys a little Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood now and again. Oh, and Garth Brooks and Kenny Rogers. Cash rocks!

It’s far from true - blackflower

25 EDM music is for club people

I like EDM and don’t conform to this stereotype

26 All Deadheads are drug users

I enjoy the Grateful Dead, and I have never taken drugs in my life. There's even an organization called the Wharf Rats which originated from a group of Narcotics Anonymous members that met each other at a Dead show in Philadelphia. Their basic purpose is to help fellow Deadheads achieve and maintain sobriety. - Gg2000

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