Top 10 Common Nightmares

We all get nightmares every now and then. Let's see what they are

The Top Ten

1 Your teeth falling out

Every time I have this nightmare I always wake up and feel my teeth are still there - codgtamk34

EvErY tImE I HaVe ThIs nightmare I want to die because I hate missing my teeth. I brush my teeth 5 times a day and I floss six times. If I lose my teeth I will murder whoever made me lose them because I care about them more than my 7 cats, Stephen, Peeven, Dreeven, Maven, and Clarice. I will eat you if you take my teeth and I will find you.

2 The PS2 start up

While the PS2 start up is iconic, it also gives nightmares. And don't get me started on the red screen of death - codgtamk34

Personified Fear from PlayStation 1 is worse - BorisRule

3 The Monkey from Toy Story 3

So creepy, especially when he spots Woody and Slinky trying to capture him - codgtamk34

4 Getting arrested

Okay, this is a horrendous nightmare - codgtamk34

5 Facing a criminal

I had this twice and it was scary as crap both times. - 2storm

And you end up losing - codgtamk34

6 Giant dog monsters in closets

Like from the first Harry Potter movie/book. My moms cousin did this to me at age 7 and I got scared of closets for 3 years - codgtamk34

7 Falling in water with your phone in your pocket

I remember these dreams very well and in them when this happens, my phone is still working - codgtamk34

8 Your significant other cheats on you

Who hasn't had this dream? Same thing applies to your crush going out with someone that isn't you - codgtamk34

9 Everyone around you tries to kill you

This is kinda like the second half of a dream I had back in 2nd grade, only except that they were visible germs, not actual people. - Jasmine21064

And you can't go anywhere to be safe - codgtamk34

That's another one - 2storm

10 Falling and waking up before you hit the ground

The Contenders

11 Wolves eating you alive
12 Being abandoned and left to rot

I had a LOT of these as a kid. It would always be something like being caged in a dark place and left to starve to death - TwilightKitsune

13 Something chasing you

What that "something" is can vary from person to person; the general concept, however, is common.

14 Jumpscares
15 People you care about dying
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