Most Common Pro Wrestling Cliches

The Top Ten Most Common Pro Wrestling Cliches

1 The False Finish

This cliche' may have been great the first couple of times but over the years it has grown tiring and really discredits a wrestlers finisher most notably John Cena's AA - egnomac

2 Superstar goes for the pin and no referee

Has happened so many times on so many occasions a wrestler hits their finisher goes for the pin and the referee is either distracted or knocked out. - egnomac

3 The double cross/ betrayal

Mainly a superstar is double crossed usually by their tag team partner or ally - egnomac

4 Superstar being driven through the Spanish announce table

Has been done so many times its not surprising anymore - egnomac

5 The screwjob finish
6 The Evil Authority Figure

Another cliche' that just needs to die everyone knows the ones in charge who push their weight around and screw anyone who defy's them. - egnomac

7 Referee getting knocked out

Another cliche' that just won't die referee's being easily knocked out by a wrestler's move. - egnomac

8 Superstar jumps from the turnbuckle only for other superstar to role out of the way
9 Outside interference
10 Backstage Attack

Wrestlers being attacked while making their way to the ring usually by another wrestler or a stable. - egnomac

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