Most Common Pro Wrestling Cliches

The Top Ten

The False Finish

This cliche' may have been great the first couple of times but over the years it has grown tiring and really discredits a wrestlers finisher most notably John Cena's AA - egnomac

Superstar goes for the pin and no referee

Has happened so many times on so many occasions a wrestler hits their finisher goes for the pin and the referee is either distracted or knocked out. - egnomac

The double cross/ betrayal

Mainly a superstar is double crossed usually by their tag team partner or ally - egnomac

Superstar being driven through the Spanish announce table

Has been done so many times its not surprising anymore - egnomac

The screwjob finish
The Evil Authority Figure

Another cliche' that just needs to die everyone knows the ones in charge who push their weight around and screw anyone who defy's them. - egnomac

Referee getting knocked out

Another cliche' that just won't die referee's being easily knocked out by a wrestler's move. - egnomac

Superstar jumps from the turnbuckle only for other superstar to role out of the way
Outside interference
Backstage Attack

Wrestlers being attacked while making their way to the ring usually by another wrestler or a stable. - egnomac

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