Top Ten Most Common Rules at School


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21 Don't talk to each other
22 Be nice




23 No loud talking in class
24 Follow the dress code V 2 Comments
25 No shirts with signs

Teens that wear shirts like that may get in trouble even if they are not bad.

I can't respect the confederate side of amerikey

26 Allow everyone to play with you

Was always told this in school, and it also ties in with if someone wants to sit with you you must let them

Eepvertone should have someone to play with.


Hell no there’s this one kid in my class that everyone hates and we do want to be near them. I hate that rule. You can’t like everyone.

V 1 Comment
27 No drugs

They will make you see tripy colors and distract you in the middle of class

There should be


28 Keep class room neat and clean, and well decorated
29 Your pencil should be talking not your mouth
30 No phones in class

My school has to put our phone on the Teacher's table and we can't play our phones

31 No pencil throwing

Pencil throwing is mean and harsh

32 No taking off shirt and whipping others
33 No foul language

What if we're learning about female dogs and I have a question about it?

34 Always be in line
35 Respect your teachers

As a good student you are to respect your teachers because they are the ones impacting knowledge in your brains and if you want to achieve your dreams you must be respcetful

This list should be named "Most disobeyed school rules" - Animefan12
You deserve to be a god animefan12

36 Be kind to the children who are in lower classes and respect the students who are in your class or in higher grades
37 No spitting
38 No sound claps
39 Wash your hands V 1 Comment
40 Stand in a proper line when going to assemblies or laboratories
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1. Raise your hand before you speak
2. No eating in class
3. Be on task
1. Get to school on time
2. Pay attention
3. Raise your hand before you speak
1. Raise your hand before you speak
2. Be on task
3. No eating in class



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