Most Common Spots to be Tickled

Find out where we all got tickled by our friends in where? You decide.

The Top Ten

1 Armpits

My girl classmate got tickled in her armpits because she always cheers on raising both her hands up so my classmates tied her arms and tickled her armpit.

The boys in my class tickle my armpits when I raise up my hand to ans a question in class.

2 Feet

Why ain't feet at the top of the list, I'm damn surprised. - TheMadDude

The only spot where I can be tickled. - Kiteretsunu

3 Belly

I can't stand it at all. My grandma used to blow raspberries on my belly, I would start to kick and stuff. There were these twins who spider tickled my sides, but then they both attacked my belly, the worst part is that they did it everyday on the school bus! To and from school! - TICKLISHPrincess

I have such a ticklish belly. Usually boys don't have ticklish belly. But I do. My girlfriend found out and started tying me up and tickling me there until I really had to pee. I am not kidding I did pee.

Not only is it where I'm most ticklish but it seems like people always go for the stomach first.

4 Sides

My girl classmate got tickled there so many times in school by bunch of boys and she always hated being tickled there.

5 Knee

My girl classmate again was tickled there by my boy classmate telling her to try not to laugh by tickling her knee and every time they do that she covers her face and laugh silently.

6 Stomach

I got tickled here once and I WAS SO TICKLISH!

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7 Crotch V 1 Comment
8 Ribs
9 Thighs

My boyfriend likes to tickle me there when I where my short pants.

10 Neck

I love the feeling of having my neck tickled, especially with a man's lips. - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Ears
12 Belly Button

I got tickled on my belly button at school and I laughed so hard that my class has one day every week that I get tied up and everyone lines up to tickle me there!

13 Back
14 Boobs

My boyfriend saw me with out my shirt once and used a feather to tickle it

15 Legs
16 Underarms

When I wear sleeveless shirts my girlfriend tickles me there.

17 Between the Toes
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