Most Common Spots to be Tickled

Find out where we all got tickled by our friends in where? You decide.

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1 Armpits

My girl classmate got tickled in her armpits because she always cheers on raising both her hands up so my classmates tied her arms and tickled her armpit.

The boys in my class tickle my armpits when I raise up my hand to ans a question in class.

My friend used to put her hands up my shirt and stroke around there...
It was fun (for her)

2 Feet

I like being barefoot, and am often, and my feet are the most ticklish part of my body, so I get tickled here a lot. Once, I fell asleep on the couch (the only people at home were me and my cousins, I was 13 at the time) While I was sleeping, my cousin wrapped a blanket around me, partially wrapped duct tape around the. Blanket, took off my socks, and toes my big toes together with a shoe lace. They and multiple other of my cousins (i was the oldest) tickled my feet. First the used their hands, then one of them got a feather and tickled my toes with it! They even used an electric toothbrush. It tickled so bad!

My girlfriend who is a little older than me got French manicures and came over to my house my mom and step dad were at there store and it was just me and her I am 13 and she is 14 but still Only a little older than me she laid on top of me with her arms under my stomach and asked me if I was ticklish on my feet I said no and she snickered and turned around towards my feet she took her hair tie and tied it around my toes and very slowly tickled my feet for 5 hours I peed my ants and laughed my voice out

I like showing my feet, painting my nails, wearing flip flops, etc. So, because of this, my feet always have to be soft, and clean. This constant moistureizing and cleaning means my feet are hyper ticklish. This, combined with the fact I wear flip flops and am barefoot all the time, leads to them being tickled at least once or twice a day by my siblings/friends. I've been tickled by fingers, feathers, hairbushes, toothbrushes, grass blades, pens, sharpies, pencils, paintbrushes, one of those fuzzy worms you pull on a string, and even socks. They tie me up often as well. I've been hogtied, hogtied with my big toes tied together, tied spread eagle to multiple beds, wrists, ankles, big toes taped together, and even tied up with soccer socks. My heels are kinda ticklish, my arches are pretty ticklish, as r my soles, under my toes is awful, and between my toes is the worst.

I love being tickled it's the best who ever wants to tickle me let me know I have a picture of my feet on my account - Tickler

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3 Belly

At a family party one time my cousins were laying on the ground with their bellies showing and my one aunt would go to each of them and blow a raspberry on their belly. They were all little but at the time I was 14 and suddenly my aunt came up to me and said "You're turn! " I tried to run away but then my mom came out of no where and picked me up and held me like a baby. My aunt then came over and blew a big raspberry on my tummy and I laughed so hard that she did another one and then gave me a big kiss. It was really embarrassing.

One day I was with my girlfriend and we were play the board game Sorry. And who ever the loser was had to get their belly ticked for 15 minuets. I won so the meant she was going to get a belly tickling for 15 minuets. I tied her up and ticked her belly she laughed so much. Then when I stopped she got revenge and started to tickle my belly it was fun

My friend always loves to tickle my belly. When ever I would wear a crop top or bikini he would come up behind me and just start tickling my belly. One time at my house I was helping him with his homework and I had just stretched a little and he just grabbed my arms and held them behind my head while he tickled my bare belly.

I have a 12 yr old daughter...her most ticklish spot is on her belly! Even though she is older her belly is still sooo ticklish. Sometimes I will wake up her by tickling her belly or make her giggle by poking her belly button. Her dad also tickles her by making her squeal by giving her belly raspberries.

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4 Sides

My mom just randomly starts tickling my sides sometimes it's so annoying and if I move away she makes a scene and like holds me on her lap so she can tickle me it's really embarrassing in public

My friend always sneaks up behind me and starts to tickle my sides not matter where we are. We were at the pool and I had just finished getting into my bikini and while I was at the edge of the pool she started to tickle my sides and I fell in.

My girl classmate got tickled there so many times in school by bunch of boys and she always hated being tickled there.

5 Knee

My girl classmate again was tickled there by my boy classmate telling her to try not to laugh by tickling her knee and every time they do that she covers her face and laugh silently.

6 Crotch

I'm very very ticklish on my balls & between my legs & mound. Its AWESOME being tickled lots there

My crotch area is very awesomely ticklish

Someone did it to me and a was so wierded out

7 Ribs
8 Thighs

My boyfriend likes to tickle me there when I where my short pants.

9 Stomach

I got tickled here once and I WAS SO TICKLISH!

It's me

10 Belly Button

I got tickled on my belly button at school and I laughed so hard that my class has one day every week that I get tied up and everyone lines up to tickle me there!

It is my ticklish spot

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11 Neck

I love the feeling of having my neck tickled, especially with a man's lips. - Britgirl

So I went to someone house at night as a guest and I was honoured by a cup while sitting... but before sleeping she caught my hands and legs and said this is how I serve and tied me up and started to wiggle at and tickle me with long fingersI burst out and turned when it came to my neck so she wrapped her silk headscarf around my neck( that silk touch was soft with very ticklish feeling of being Wrapped Around My Neck! BIG SMILES)and tickled me with fingers on my neck and feet.She also tickled my feet and belly with her tongue and my feet with bristles of a twig It was so ticklish and all this while my neck was wrapped.

12 Ears
13 Back
14 Legs
15 Boobs

My boyfriend saw me with out my shirt once and used a feather to tickle it

16 Underarms

When I wear sleeveless shirts my girlfriend tickles me there.

17 Between the Toes

My friends know how ticklish I am here, so they tickle me here all the time. They will strip my socks off, and use anything they can to tickle between my toes. The list is long
Normal/Electric Toothbrush
Their own fingers
Feather duster
Dental floss
Their hair
Pom-pom atop winter hat
A cat (they brushed peanut butter)
Paintbrushes (big, small, medium)
Pipe cleaner
Blades of grass

18 Spine

Spine is a tickle spot

I love the feeling of this and it’s probably my most ticklish spot

19 Elbow
20 Outie Belly Button

That is my most ticklish spot when ever I have no shirt on my friends always tickle me there especially if they use an electric toothbrush it tickles so much

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