Top Ten Most Common Things Doodled

What are the things you doodle most when you are bored?

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I like drawing horses

Meow! Woof! Who doesn't like drawing animals? - RaineSage

I love drawing animals! It's my favorite thing to draw, and it's easy to draw too! Chibi dogs, chibi cats, and ponies are what are I usually draw. Take a peek at my sketchbook and it's mostly animals! ^_^ - Pegasister12

I have this adorable way of drawing cats and then I give them both cute and weird names like Fluff 'n' Stuff or Puursington. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Flowers and Hearts

I have seen many people draw flowers and hearts; maybe it is because of their simplicity? - RaineSage

Favourite Celebrities or Characters

Trying to get them right while keeping your own style is rather fun. - RaineSage

Logos and Icons

I can't even say the amount of times I have drawn Sora or Roxas' icons when I was bored... I have often seen doodles of icons and logos a lot, whether it is a band logo or simply the Coca Cola icon. - RaineSage

Mythical Creatures

Who doesn't like drawing massive dragons or vampires or whatnot? - RaineSage


I love to draw pictures of myself as a 2 year old in a diaper

Random Objects

From fake horses to the gods of Disney's Hercules to me as a 2 year old in a diaper with my aunt from San Francisco, I draw WAY TOO MANY random objects. Probably cause I have WAY TOO MUCH time on my hands...

I hate to admit that I have drawn pictures of random Objects many times before. Hell, I remember drawing a table ages ago. A table! No I don't know what was going through my mind. Probably nothing. - RaineSage

Indistinguishable Scribbles
Some Sort of Scenery
Words in a Bizarre Bubble Writing

Or just some sort of unreadable font you made up on the spot... - RaineSage

The Contenders

Tanks and Missiles

I love doodling tanks...

Baby Paraphernalia

I draw diapers, baby bottles, poopy diapers, butts, and pee puddles a lot,

Disney Characters

I like to draw the gods from Hercules

Fake Horses

I like to draw carousel horses, spring rocking horses, and coin operated horses

Human Waste

I like to draw urine puddles, poop, vomit, and blood

Censor Bars

Sometimes I draw pictures of me as a 2 year old without a diaper on and add censor bars over where it's necessary.


Sometimes I draw guns, swords, sticks, etc...


I like to draw butts

Baby Items

I draw diapers, wipes, baby bottles, and pacifiers

Fart Clouds
Slot Machine
Strict Teachers

I had a strict special ed teacher in high school so I drew random cartoons of her being cruel to the class.


Sometimes I like to draw cigarettes in the mouths of characters in coloring books

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