Top 10 Most Common Things In Your Dreams

These things in my dreams happen to me many times in my dreams. And they can be in yours too.

The Top Ten

1 Being In Random Places

Yea that's the most common inside your dreams. If I'm at home or school that's ok. But in places like a cartoon, forest, a city, and parks that you never know. Its weird.


2 Cartoon Characters

Yes I know it maybe not common in your dreams. But in mine, it is. Mostly spongebob characters pop up in my dream. Rarely its others. But its still unusual.

The gods form Disney's Hercules pops up in my dreams sometimes

3 School

That's right its also common in my dreams. I keep on getting these. But still not as common as random places and cartoon characters.

Very rare for me, but it does happen.

4 Random People

Its also common in my dreams. WHY!

5 Youtube People

Yes even people in youtube is common to me.

6 Home

Yes that's also common.

7 Monsters

Not from nightmares, just from my weird dream.

8 Family and Friends

* Face palm* do I really need to say it?


9 The Feeling of Deja vu

Very interesting list. I added this item, because it happens to appear quite often in my dreams. Sometimes, in a dream, I have often the feeling that I'm in the same position I was in another dream, so it comes to my mind to intervene in that dream scene for my own benefit! I try to control the dream. If it is good (which is rarely that case) I strive to make it last by saying to my sleeping self 'You are not going to wake up! You must do something to make this dream linger on! ' However, that trick doesn't work when I have a good dream. Strangely enough, when I have a bad dream and I have the suspicion that I'm in a dream, I can usually control successfully the danger that surrounds me. I find the 'Deja-vu' dreams creepy. Generally, I prefer not knowing that I'm dreaming, because even in my nightmares there are some elements that attract me.

This often happens to me. Also when you think/say 'this is a dream' in your dream then the dream ends - Harri666

I've been on this list more than once now - PositronWildhawk

10 Stores

Once I had a dream where as an adult I was getting a diaper change at Macy's Herald Square?

Most of the time walmart. But still not as common as others.

The Contenders

11 Animals

Hey interesting list! Yes, animals appear often in my dreams too, especially the wild ones.

Very Common. Well that's it. Oh and look up my other List about Dreams called Top 10 most bizzare things in your dreams. ANd don't forget to make up your own Dream type list too. Well bye.

12 Visions

I had one of these

One time, I had a dream that my family was attending a wedding in CA. A few months later, it actually happened for real.


The differences between the two is that in my dream, it happened at my cousins house in Los Angeles, and in real life, it happened at a restaurant in Oakland CA

13 A different terrain/version of the real world

For example, the colour of a house is white in real life but in the dream it is blue - Harri666

Once I had a dream where Disney's California Adventure was part of Disney World?

Once I had a dream where my cousins, sister and I were in CA/Vegas where we entered a train station that lead to a Japanese expo/fairground with a view of Mt Fuji.

14 Naked at work or school

I had a naked at school dream once

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