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21 I Never Stopped Loving You

This book is a Haleb Fanfic. She is really good. So if you love Pretty Little Liars and you ship or if you don't you will in this story. It takes place in Season 5 and Season 6. Please Read this book it is amazing

22 Homophobic
23 When Worlds Collide (Z.M)

Favorite of all time! A cute high school story. You think it will be cliché but there just something about this one that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. I read it 3 times all ready!

24 A Splitting of the Mind
25 Baby Doll

Best fanfic in my opinion. Made me cry, gasp, yell. Its just simply amazing.

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26 The Bad Boy's Girl

I've read it over 20 times and still love it, it's a really good read

27 Fire & Ice V 1 Comment
28 Dust Bones (Harry Styles)
29 Tears (Invader Zim AU)
30 The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me

It was amazing everyone should read it!

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31 Club Of Misfits

May not have as many reads as the other books on this list but 4 million is still quite impressive. This basically tells the story of four male teens (5sos) that make a secret club to help each other and where eventually two and two fall in love. This fanfiction mad me cry, laugh, scream, and has taught me many things about life. I strongly recommend reading! {written by larry_lashton}

32 Villain Academy
33 Eccentric
34 A Little Love

It's amazing...It's about Larry stylinson...Everyone should read it
It's the best Larry book I ever read and it seems so real!

35 Heaven

Beautiful story based on the famous Larry Stylinson. (Harry Styes and Louis Tomlinson) It's worth the reading. Trust me. Wattpad = Romcoms

36 Uniquely Perfect V 1 Comment
37 Summer Next to a Bad Boy; Matthew Espinosa V 1 Comment
38 Don't Fall to a Gangster
39 Psychotic
40 Stuck with You (Louis Tomlinson) V 1 Comment
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