Top 10 Common Ways to Commit Suicide

I considered several of these list items in the past before getting help.

The Top Ten

1 Hanging Yourself

Easiest and least painful. I've planned it. Probably won't do it though. - Catlover2004

Any recommendations where to hang?

Life is pointless

Just grab a rope and kill yourself, some people don’t think you’re worth it and some people are. Sometimes killing yourself isn’t worth it though. Because people do care about you

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2 Overdose

Who made this list?

This list is super mean. - Powerfulgirl10

I sometimes feel to do it :'( - Getovait

Easiest and u don't feel anything just drink the pills and fall to the ground all u do is swallow something nothing else

3 Cutting Oneself

Most satisfying way - DiamondWolf

Would work

4 Jumping Off a Height

Very effective for my uncle.

Well, I mean it would hurt but worth ;3

5 Killing Yourself With a Firearm

This is probably the quickest and easiest way to kill yourself, because a gunshot to the head will kill you instantly 9 out of 10 times. People very rarely survive being shot in the head.

My bro did it to himself so it must work.

6 Intentionally Drowning

Read good stuff about it. Worth a try

7 Suffocation Suffocation

Voted for this just cause it has has a metal band as the thumbnail m/ - JordanFireStar

Judging by the image best way to die- suffocated in a mosh pit. - SoldierOfFortune

Shows a metal band - SoldierOfFortune

This image is funny, LOL - Metal_Treasure

8 Electrocution

Doesn't work like in the movies. The fuses will cut out the electricity. Unless if you take the fuse out and make a connection instead with a very big electric wire that doesn't burn or break.

9 Poisoning

Only cyanide-kalium will work. Or some heavy drugs, but don't forget to take something against vommiting before you try it otherwise it will not work either.

Michael Jackson used propofol, so this must work.

10 Drinking Bleach

Obviously the most flavorful

I love gettin high and I'm 12

Very good, I approve


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? Drowning in Swimming Pool
? Drinking Too Much Water

Don’t do it, it really hurts

The Contenders

11 Alcohol Poisoning

Probably a good way to go

12 Inject an Air Into Your Blood Stream

This causes seizers, and doesn't mean you'll die.

13 Self Strangulation
14 Shooting Yourself

If its in your head, you wont feel a thing, your pain function everything so if you shoot yourself in the head you will not feel a thing all your senses are shut down. A quick painful death

I think this is the most painless suicide

Quick and painless

verry gut

15 1000 Cuts

It really helps your neck

It helps

16 Car Crashing

I would not suggest this one because, you see, it hurts other people - AnonymousChick

It sounds fun

17 Stabbing Yourself
18 Stepping in Front of a Motor Vehicle

I'm thinking of this

19 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide Is odorless and colorless. Your unable to detect it entering your system. The best way to kill yourself, slowly... But surely

20 Quick Stab Into the Throat or Heart

A quick stab into the throat or heart, you might have to gasp for air but you will not feel any pain unless you don't do it right

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1. Overdose
2. Cutting Oneself
3. Hanging Yourself
1. Hanging Yourself
2. Overdose
3. Jumping Off a Height



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