Top 10 Common Ways to Commit Suicide

I considered several of these list items in the past before getting help.

Anyone considering suicide, remember, you're not alone. Confidential help is available.

In the U.S. you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for free by phone at 1-800-273-8255 or by online chat at There a counselor will listen to you, understand how your problems are affecting you, provide support, and share resources that may be helpful.

Outside the U.S., please seek out the available resources in your country.

The Top Ten

1 Overdose

What medicine is best to overdose on?

What would be the best drug sleeping tablets or something extra quick

What pills should I take though

I want to do it what pills do I need

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2 Hanging Yourself

Ima try this in a few days, the only problem is that I don't have rope, so I'll have to use wire

Your definitely gonna die this way it will take you around 4-5 seconds to die so if there's no one around then do it make sure you do the right knot and bam, its not good for a painful death as its quite quick and easy

Any recommendations where to hang?

The Suicide forest in Japan ( Logan Paul went there, and nobody was happy about that. He laughed at a hanging man while exploring the forest, receiving tons of dislikes on the video, but he took it down and apologized for doing that. ) - IceFoxPlayz

Planning on doing it there is no point in my life and nobody would care I died anyways and I'm nobody to everyone anyways so who ever wants to commit like me: I reccomend this one. It's one of the best ways and a guarantee of death. now, Goodbye world as if anybody cares

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3 Cutting Oneself

I love it! I just want to say... Goodbye everyone. Before I go I just want to say sorry to everyone that I hurt in some way...

Need to take a lot of aspirin and plenty of water to make it work. Painless to slide a 16 gauge needle in your arm in the bathtub after the prep and just fall asleep. Helps to take five or six benadryls and a few shots of tequila. Very relaxing and peacefully as the blood darkens the water.

I'm gonna try this in a few days, I'll come back if it doesn't work. If I don't reply I'm dead.

Most satisfying way - DiamondWolf

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4 Killing Yourself With a Firearm

My bro did it to himself so it must work.

Could someone hit me up on where I could get a gun? I'm just to young to own one yet and I really just want to get one so I could get my lousy life over with. If someone has any info please respond. - Xannie

If it's a shot to the brain, you'll be dead before you could even hear the gunshot. It's a very easy and painless way to die, you're more likely to get struck by lightning twice than survive a shot to the head

This is probably the quickest and easiest way to kill yourself, because a gunshot to the head will kill you instantly 9 out of 10 times. People very rarely survive being shot in the head.

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5 Jumping Off a Height

I don't want to live I should try this one because my family don't love me

Your family does love you even if it they don't show it. Deep deep down. - Luckys

You are right... Your family would be better off with you dead... Especially if you do it yourself... Then you can stop being a burden to everyone else around you... Lol... See you on the other side...

No. If you are doing suicide (hopefully you aren't) never do it that way. Imagine if your suicide attempt fails, and you'll be your whole life crippled. - Disturbedpotato

I'd love to suicide by jumping off a height too. It's impossible to live this life with everyone so annoying and bossy and manipulative I just want to kill myself so badly. But in my religion (Buddhism) it is a sin, which is the only thing that stops me from doing so. I really wish someone would at least push me off a building.

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6 Shooting Yourself

Most effective and painless, shotgun to the head, In exactly 3 hrs it is what I am doing

If it's the quickest then I'm in because I want to die as quickly as possible

If its in your head, you wont feel a thing, your pain function everything so if you shoot yourself in the head you will not feel a thing all your senses are shut down. A quick painful death

Why shoot in the head?! I mean aren't we proving others right then?! Like, if we shoot in the head than we are showing the problem was inside our minds all the time. Directly in the heart is the way to go only because that's what they failed to build. People gailed to build a relationship of love with us, they did not even try to connect, to listen, to PRETEND! And in the heart is where it hurts the most. If we want to end our pain we must end it where it first starts.

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7 Poisoning

From where I get this cynide

Michael Jackson used propofol, so this must work.

Only cyanide-kalium will work. Or some heavy drugs, but don't forget to take something against vomiting before you try it otherwise it will not work either.

What are some things to take against vomiting?

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8 Intentionally Drowning

I tried to drown my self but my boyfriend came and saved me: by the way I'm 12

I tried to the other day but I needed something to hold me down since my instinct or something got in the way of that.

You need something to hold yourself down, but it's a good method. I'm 12 and suicidal

Sounds sexy. My friend christopher did it

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9 Suffocation

How to suffocate yourself? Like with what shall I do that to myself?

Turn on a car in a garage and leave the garage door shut.

Among the least painful, most peaceful and most reliably effective methods out there, especially with Carbon Monoxide.

Shows a metal band - SoldierOfFortune

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10 Sacrifice Yourself to a Satanic Ritual

It's like a party for your death 10/10

Not really sure where I could do this but definitely need the info!

Where does one find a Satanic Ritual?

Always the best way to do it especially if you never want to be found ( also I do not have depression haha kidding send help)

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The Contenders

11 Electrocution

I go prison and they try kill me but it no work

Woah, most times when your electrocuted you will die as electricity is a very powerful thing to mess with. But I can imagine if your were to try this and you survived, would be painful - emmavincentxx

Its honestly pretty energizing

I've done it before it feels great

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12 Starving Yourself

You can starve yourself till u die,but it's hard because they may force feed you

This doesn't work at all, only gets my ass skinnier

If it does work I am starting from today

This works but only in a certain way. If you stop eating people will notice but if you eat around people then go to the bathroom after you eat and stick your finger down your throat then it will make you throw up all the food you just consumed or you could take pills that make you throw which will not only stop people from noticing you are starving yourself but it will also speed up your death - Kill_myself

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13 Stabbing Yourself

Yuri smiles*

What is the best place to stab for quick death?

I stabbed myself when I was a teenager and I just started going to sleep after I lost a lot of blood no pain after I stabbed myself but wife took me to hospital

It hurts and a wouldn't want a painful death

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14 Bridge Jumps

Not recommended... First of all, youd hit the water at 75mph shattering bones and internal organs, you only die because you're too broken to swim and you drown while in terrible pain.

As someone who lives in an urban area just two blocks from the busiest bridge in America, this is the way I'm going to go about it. I love the feeling of pain and I believe that a relatively quick but excruciating death is suitable for me, to show the short but sweet life of pain I've lived. The greatest method really all comes down to circumstance, my friend.

Perfect for those who like a painful death, not so perfect for most of us. The higher the bridge is the more effective this will be, if you fall into water from quite a high place its like jumping onto concrete, all your bones will break and you slowly drown unable to swim back to surface. - emmavincentxx

It is a good way I I did it and now I'm dead

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15 Set Yourself on Fire

I tried this but now I look like a Chernobyl victim

It must hurt a lot you wont die easily specially if the fire is on a small room you might injure yourself so badly but not die. Such as you might have serious fire marks. Another thing is you may poison yourself with Carbon Monoxide this wont kill you easily.

I tried this and my ass looks like a rat

I look black now lol

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16 Drinking Too Much Water

Water me daddy

How many days does it take until you die by drinking too much water?

You can, if you drink so much water and not going to the bathroom, you can get water poisoning. - Solacress

I'm going to try it sounds fun

How much do I have to drink to kill my self?

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17 Smash Your Head Into a Wall Repeatedly

I wanna kill myself because my parents don't believe in me they always think negative things

I tell my mom I want to kill myself but she says I am being dramatic and stupid. But I am not I actually do want to die. The other day she told me she is praying for Death so now I have to beat her to it.

I want to die from all the drama

Gonna try this as it seems like a lot of fun

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18 Jumping in Front of a Train

When I kill myself, I will probably do it by train. Not jumping in front of one, but laying down with my neck on the track so the train will behead me. I think that would be instant death.

I'm definitely doing this, my life has already gone to hell, I hate my cousin, I hate my life, my first best friend hates me. All I want is a better life! I want this to happen and it will! - LemurzBlue

I want to kill myself but I'm too chicken. People should have the right to have assisted suicide or be allowed to ask for medicsl induced death. Why is it wrong to take your own life it's your choice?

We played this stupid game in a birthday party and all the other girls in class liked me least. This has happened two times and nobody notice how I feel about it. Nobody likes me. They don't care. My best friend ignores me I don't know why. I'm sick of it. I just have to get the courage to do it.

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19 Inject an Air Into Your Blood Stream

How reliable is this method? How much air?

This causes seizers, and doesn't mean you'll die.

Put that air inside me daddy

I would recommend biting self. While it may cause pain, if done in weakest places, (kidneys are weakest I think but let's face it, how would you bite you're kidneys/ vagina.) Biting you're arm, then biting where you've bit before is your best bet.

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20 Quick Stab Into the Throat or Heart

I'm doing it today goodbye world

I am so stupid. I forget everything and have a D- in school. I'm in 7th grade and this is the year that counts the most and I am failing in not only school, but what seems like almost everything else. When I get in trouble I Just keep one talking and arguing and I just get in more trouble. All my friends at school seem to get whatever they want and get to do what they want. They talk about the last time they were at a party or were playing video games together and I can never do those things because I'm an idiot. I have a twin sister who is doing so much better than me in school and goes out with her friends frequently. She also embarases me in school so half the grade knows that I'm a loser. I think I just might give myself an east stab into the throat or to the heart. There is no point in living a life like mine.

A quick stab into the throat or heart, you might have to gasp for air but you will not feel any pain unless you don't do it right

Sounds like an easy option, but have I got the courage to do it to myself.

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21 Homemade Bombs

Homemade grenade in mouth pull pin shoot self in head let grenade finish job. Messy but effective. Suicide note: (optional) Suicide was a mind blowing experience.

Do you have any info about how to make these bombs. I don't wanna suffer, I want the pain to go away fast. and I need the bomb to explode my head off.

I don't know yet with way to go but I lost everything that I love and no more family

Blow me up daddy - chokemeharderdaddy

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22 Stepping in Front of a Motor Vehicle

I'm thinking about stepping in front of a semi truck

I've considered this so much walking to and from school. I even read while walking so it would be easy. I've nearly done it before

If I had a dollar for every time I thought of doing this I wouldve been a millionaire already

I tried this and survived. Walked in front of an 18 wheeler. Not a guaranteed death...

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23 Squashing Yourself

Yeah let me just, fold myself

To be crushed under woman sitting on you until you can't breath any more.

Yes I should do all of them but my girlfriends wont let me by the way I'm eleven and a girl

With boobs?
Whether it kills you or not
What a way to go!

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24 Eat a Knife

If you're into fun activities like knife eating, maybe you should ask yourself "Do I really want to die? What if I can't eat knives in the afterlife? " - UGLYBUMFACE

I ate a razor blade once. It was as destructive as this method. 10/10 would commit suicide again

Why, just why? This is the most disturbing way to die! - Userguy44

It's a bit hard to swallow a knife down your throat, razor/sharpener blades are probably best for this but it may not kill you - emmavincentxx

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25 Self Strangulation

Why do I have to live in this horrible world

No it doesn't work because as you continue to do it you get weaker and then no longer have the strength to continue strangling so you have to let go then start to breath again... sucks - Fay

I've read that you could use a rope or wire and twist it tight with some kind of stick to hold in place. - airbb

Self strangulation probably requires a LOT of perseverance.

It does not work because after trying to do self strangulation you faint and after fainting you start to breath again and defeats the whole purpose.

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26 Freezing to Death

The effect of hypothermia on your brain decieves you into having a calm, pleasant death, and can be done with absolutely no pain if you avoid frostbite. The main limitation is the availability. For the best experience, an Alpine setting is optimal, because of the nice scenery. Shoving yourself into the fridge just isn't the same.

Suicide by cop, let them shoot me while I have a toy gun pointing their way. My move

This is what I thought ever since I came to Virginia. Up here in the mountains it can get really cold and snow two or three or more feet. I feel like I could just walk up there in February when it's really pouring down and set up a little tent just chill for a while and then just let the little fire go out and crawl in my tent just go to sleep. I think I would want to make sure that it's going to be below 20 Fahrenheit. I have some tranquilizers I could take that would make sure that I didn't wake up. I think it would be a nice way to go.

Seems logical

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27 Choking Self

I do this to masturbate - ihatetrump

Holding your hands against your neck for too long

Choke me daddy

I'll probably try it sounds like my best option.

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28 Exposure


Expose me daddy can die from sweet sweet sex?

You can die from sex

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29 Dehydration

Its slow but will work, about three days without water and you'll be dead - emmavincentxx

Doesn't work? Lol so you can live without water?

Excellent way to suicide

I just wanna die

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30 Step in Front of a Car

I would never do this knowing it’ll hurt the person who killed you for the rest of their life

Might try this tomorrow...

No one should feel the need to commit sucide, if you have issues at home call this number. 1 800-273-8255

Quite a bad idea, you may not die, if you were to do this I would say jumping in front of a bus, lorry, truck that's going about 50 mph that will definitely kill u - emmavincentxx

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31 Bash Your Head in with a Brick

Used to do this on a saturday as my daily routine, never worked though ://: oh well at least I have aids.

While sounds damn funny, only knocks you out, wake up with massive headache, still do it once a month, love the weird looks I get from being black and blue and answering "bashed my head in with a brick"

Very powerful method, I can be at the brick of death with this

Yes very helpful

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32 Burning Yourself

Cool, I'll die just like I lived. A hot mess

You'll die like you've lived

I attempted to do this, just leaves burns on your skin and a lot of pain, this is one of the worst methods of suicide - emmavincentxx

You deserve it for all your sins

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33 Drowning in Swimming Pool

Likeliest way for me to kill myself since I have swimming classes

I done it before almost died but someone saw me well at least I have cancer

But what if it shallow

That dosnt work I tried I could still breathe even thou I was underwater nobody gucking notice I hate my family

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34 Boiling Yourself

I'm a spaghetti

Our Pasta,
Who art al dente,
Simmered by thy sauce.
Thy cheese in crumbs,
Thy meatballs yum,
On our plates, as well as our forks.
Give us this day, our garlic bread,
And deliver us some antacid.
For thine is the noodles,
The tomatoes,
And the ground meat forever.

This sounds like a family fun activity for ages

I do this every weekend. Doing it again today! It's orgasmic, leaves you tingling and burning for days.

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35 Car Crashing

I would not suggest this one because, you see, it hurts other people - AnonymousChick

Might do that a big ass tree is only 1.5 miles from me hit it at 80 miles an hour

It's sad that this list exist.

I guess this is a good way to do it but you are likely to survive, just depends how bad the crash was and if you deliberately start a crash with someone else and you survive, you will be in pain and in trouble. - emmavincentxx

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36 Impale Yourself

Sounds Kinky

What does that even mean?

Reminds me of that scene in Frozen when Olaf has apparently "been impaled" by sharp ice. - FuntimeFunGirl

If I got a dollar for every time I thought about doing this I would have a dollar...because I never stop thinking about it

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37 Laughing to Death

Watch dark humor. Just like a suicidal kid... it never gets old

Tell me a joke daddy

I'd die laughing after reading this - FachmiNur

I'm always laughing, so, might work

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