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1 Remedial Chaos Theory, Season 3

I find Troy walking in on absolute chaos hilarious

Wow there are other timelines! =-O

2 Modern Warfare - Season 1

This episode is comedy perfection.

3 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Season 2

Annie going knuckles deep in the Pegasus handler was next level. How committed to the game she was, to role play that in front of everyone was awesome. I've seen every episode of this show at least 5 times. This still stands out as my favorite. So many levels to the humor as well, especially if you've ever role played. #andamovie

Community made D&D, that was seen as nerdy and stupid, into something awesome that makes everyone want to play it. Well done Community, well done.

4 Epidemiology, Season 2

I don't get what's the fuss about dungeons and dragons episodes I think they're the worst episodes.
Maybe it's becuase particuler kind of people like the show. and I hate that community lost its normal episodes in season 5 and most of the episodes were big like the lava episode I think that 2 or 3 this kind of episodes are enough for each seasons I mostly care about the charctors and season 5 wasn't really about them it was about saving community and shallow but big episodes (execpt for 2 last episode and the first episode and cooperative poly graphic) so the show wouldn't lose its its particular kind of viewers.

Wow I love zombie movies and this episode was so cool especially when jeff was texting as a zombie or when the zombies were bitting him and he saw rich wearing his coat and he says my jacket your scratching it your scratching it

5 A Fist Full of Paintballs, Season 2

So crazy, I wish my school had paintball then I would kill all my teachers.

6 Basic Lupine Urology - Season 3

The parody of a drama/cop show was so well done. Add to that the multiple solid lines and zingers, this episode was fantastic!

7 Paradigms of Human Memory - Season 2
8 Conspiarcy Theories and Interior Design, Season 2

Always the episode I use to introduce people to Community. Everything that makes community great is on display.

This episode is so smart and hilarious I love how communiy makes fun of other shows and movies :-)

I wish this hootie was a time hootie

9 Cooperative Calligraphy - Season 2

The best bottle episode of all time.

10 Contemporary American Poultry - Season 1
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11 Introduction to Statistics - Season 1
12 Heroic Origins, Season 4

The best thing about them is that they alwayes forgive each other.

13 Pascal's Triangle Revisited, Season 1

My favirote community episode ever couse annie and jeff makeout I love them together.

14 Pillows and Blankets, Season 3
15 Cooperative Polygraphy, Season 5

What a cool way to kill pierce but I miss troy so much T_T hope he comes back please come back troy pleass why did donald glover leave anyway,
Troy and abed in the morning

16 Competitive Ecology, Season 3

I love at the end when they say that evey thing was todd's fault.

17 Virtual Systems Analysis, Season 3
18 Physical Education - Season 1
19 Critical Film Studies - Season 2

Cool episode especialy for the Dean

20 For a Few Paintballs More, Season 2
21 Geothermal Escapism - Season 5
22 Introduction to Film, Season 1
23 Basic Intergluteal Numismatics - Season 5
24 Communication Studies, Season 1
25 Environmental Science, Season 1

This episode's ending is the reason it's my favorite season 1 episode.

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