Top Ten Best Commuter Planes

A top 10 list of the best commercial commuter planes ever built. All aircraft have 40 or less seats, and is based off performance, not comfort.

The Top Ten

1 Antonov AN-28

Rugged, all-terrain, and can land at virtually any airport, and is also now produced by a western aircraft producer. Somewhat spacey too. - KC-9

-Smaller, can fly virtually anywhere - KC-9

2 DHC-6 Twin Otter

Like the an-28 pretty rugged but cannot land on everything. - KC-9

3 Dornier 228
4 Shorts 330

Cheap for airlines, good short field performance, somewhat quiet. - KC-9

5 DC-3

Well known, reliable, and still somewhat common today - KC-9

6 AN-26

Popular with Russians... Easy to fly, good performance - KC-9

7 B1900D

A higher fuselage, winglets, and one hot rod look - KC-9

8 Saab 340

Larger, good speed and range - KC-9

9 CASA 212

Good for third world countries, excellent air force model, easy to fly - KC-9

10 Let L-410

Popular with 3rd world countries, newer - KC-9

The Contenders

11 ATR-42

Comfortable, easy to fly, good performance - KC-9

12 Boeing 747-8

Technically the Boeing Business Jet 747-8 carries less than 40 people, can do 700+ mph, and why would you not commute on it?

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