Top Ten Companies That Will Soon Go Away

The Top Ten
1 Blockbuster

Why would anybody ever want to rent a movie anymore? Not only do you have to worry about bringing it back, but then some day you wanna watch that movie again you wouldn't have it anymore.

Why drive into town, go to a store, pay for a movie, and go home and watch it when you could push a button on a remote and watch more movies on netflix?

They will haunt the Redbox!

2 Kia

These asian cars are dangerous to drive

Wait... Kia shouldn't be on this list

3 Merrill Lynch
4 Zale's Jewelers
5 RadioShack

It's just a bunch of electronic stuff nobody needs or wants!

6 BP p.l.c.
7 Moody's
8 T-Mobile

They Already Died, At&T And Verizon Are Just Keeping It On Life Support For "Competition"

People are using Verizon and AT&T too much!

9 Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group
10 Jordan Brand
The Contenders
11 Reader's Digest

It's not read as much as it used to be.

12 Mitsubishi

God, my dealer is like a dollhouse! - carvandog

13 Sears
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