10 Best Competitive Call of Duty Players

Since Call of Duty 4, thousands of gamers face been fascinated and affiliated with competitive gaming in the Call of Duty franchise. Many have come and gone, retiring, or losing interest. Here is my list of players that are the best of the best at this period of time.

The Top Ten

1 Scump

Call of Duty god

Scump will always be that young kid prodigy that everyone underestimated in the beginning and scump will always be the best slayer

Beast mode should be his name


2 Nadeshot

I mean its Nadeshot

He's the best Call of Duty player ever

Clealry nadeshot is the best

3 Merk
4 Fearions
6 Parasite
7 Jkap
8 BigTymer

He's the GOAT for a reason

How is BigT 8th? - dididan2000

9 Crimsix

Crimsix Is The Absolute God Of Professional Call of Duty

The most successful Call of Duty player of all time. There is a reason he is the Crimbot

10 Rambo Ray

The Contenders

11 Clayster
12 Teepee
13 Blackxworm
14 ShAnE
15 Arian SMOKE

Reactions are incredible he’s 100% above all of players!

Best IranIAN Call of Duty Player! Solid Style...

Wonderful gamer

16 Faze Rain

He's just simply to good

The fact that Nordan is above actual pro players is just great. - dididan2000

He's a trickshotter not a competive player... Stupid af

17 Karma
18 FormaL
19 ShellyDaShark

How is this player even legit his aim is better then anything I have ever seen

20 Gotaga

The french monster

21 Htoutlaws
22 Smoky DRFT
23 Apathy
24 Proofy
25 Nameless
26 FaCEEE_Revenge
27 FaCEEE_Blonde
28 Attach
29 ShellyDaShark

One of the best Call of Duty players ever born

30 TBNRfrags

He is little known and has since stopped playing but in the blackops2 and blackops3 era he was a beast!
Would never watch anyone else play Call of Duty, except him. that's legit how good he was. Ahh, the good time of Call of Duty before it became worn out and old.

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