Top Ten Completely Random "Better Than" Ideas for a Top Tens List

The Top Ten

1 Top Ten Reasons Why Yolo Cockroaches Who Are Suicidal Are Better Than Beliebers That Have Nine Lives But Waste One of Them from an Abortion Accident

This list is completely random.

2 Top Ten Reasons Why Spamming Spam Is Better Than Spamming Ham Spam On the Eiffel Tower While Holding Snipers
3 Top Ten Reasons Why Saying I Love Ninja Unicorns With Mini Lasers In Their Horn Is Better Than Ebola Taking Steriods


4 Top Ten Reasons Why the 52nd Star On the Finkeland Flag Is Better Than Six Flags: Star Road
5 Top Ten Reasons Why Dying With Dyanamite Strapped Around Your Butt While Sky Diving Into Another Dimension Is Better Than Listening to 9 Hours of Justin Bieber's "Baby" With the Lavender Town Theme Song Playing In the Background While Eating a Suicidal Ba
6 Top Ten Reasons Why the World Ending by Listening to 50 Hours of Parry Gripp's "It's Raining Taco's" On a Live Twitch Stream Is Better Than Running Through 76 Bricks While Eating Cheese Tacos
7 Top Ten Reasons Why the Stag Beetle Dies Under a Metal Rock While Saving Eskimo's With Golden Tasers Is Better Than Obesity In a 5 Inch Testing Tube While Killing Everybody On the Internet
8 Top Ten Reasons Why Dog Poop Memes On Pot Are Better Than Cat Poop Memes On Crack
9 Top Ten Reasons Why Grilling Hot Dogs With Your Abs Is Better Than Is Better Than Frying Chicken On Your Face
10 Top Ten Reasons Why a Gay Marriage In a Meat Grinder Is Better Than Straight Marriage In a Food Processor

Nothing against Gay/Lesbian people or Straight I'm asexual - MrQuaz680

The Contenders

11 Top Ten Reasons Why Screaming Elmo With a Tsar Bomba is Better Than Dora Puking Out of Her Ear
12 Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time Is Better Than Ebola
13 Reasons Why Sitting Down Is Better Than Sitting Up
14 Reasons Halsey is Better Than Donald Trump
15 Top Ten Reasons Why Spontaneous Combustion on a Group of 27 Cows that Were Born in November is Better Than an Asteroid Colliding with a Planet that Will Be Discovered in 29 Years
16 Reasons Why Adam Sandler is Better Than Glue Sticks
17 Reasons Why Bashful Sheets That Cough Out Unique Arithmetic Are Better Than Wicked Engines That Rest On Educated Scents
18 Reasons Why One Coarse Meal is Better Than Mariah Carey
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