Most Complex Metal Genres

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1 Progressive Metal

I don't play in any prog metal band, but when that moment you see musicians do very difficult things like beating hundreds of drum pieces within few minutes, or how fast the guitarist is shredding, or keyboardists playing some incredible solos, then its out of question which one is more complex. - zxm

2 Neoclassical Metal Neoclassical Metal

This genre was invented with many experiments. A lot of technique was created only for inventing this genre and playing this genre. - zxm

Blotted Science is a band that plays only instrumentals. I guess their style is a development of Neoclassical Metal but they are even more technical, more progressive and more brutal. Some call them Instrumental Technical Death Metal. Their guitarist Ron Jarzombek was called "the most underrated axemonger ever”.

Check out my list - Top 10 Blotted Science Songs. You need to play only several song samples to get an idea. You may not become a fan of this band but you will know what metal musicians are capable of. - Metal_Treasure

3 Technical Death Metal

Once I read a debate that prog death metal and technical death metal is same. But I also read that those aren't same. However I noticed some differences, like prog death metal is little bit of softer than technical death metal. - zxm

It's not the same. Opeth are prog DM but not technical. Nile are technical but not prog DM. In rare cases a band can combine these two versions - one of these bands is Obscura: they are progressive and technical at the same time. Prog DM is the softest among them - Opeth are softer than Death (standard DM), Obscura and Nile. Technical Death Metal is the most demanding. - Metal_Treasure

4 Djent Djent

I am a bit biased towards Djent since it is my very favourite genre, not just within metal but overall as well. However, musically djent utilises complexity both in quantity and quality, which is complex in and of itself. It is a genre that is all about taking metal and just having fun with adding stuff to it. It is a genre by music nerds for music nerds. Also, memes. - Zalazaar

About djent drumming: Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake sometimes plays hi-hat and ride cymbal in 4/4 time but he plays snare and double bass drums in 23/16 time. At the same time. - Metal_Treasure

It's still debatable whether it's a genre or style but it's really very complex. It's a development of prog metal so it's complex by default. Djent uses polymeters, their guitars start from 7 strings, etc. Bands - Meshuggah, TesseracT.
If somebody is interested, made a list - Top 10 Facts About Djent Music - Metal_Treasure

5 Avant-Garde Metal
6 Progressive Death Metal
7 Power Metal

The tough part of power metal is switching from lead to rhythm very quickly.

Power Metal is pretty demanding, takes much talent to play, but isn't very complex. - Metal_Treasure

8 Technical Thrash Metal

Coroner, Annihilator, Vektor. It's thrash but more sophisticated - with less punk and more metal, meaning more (neo)classical and progressive elements. - Metal_Treasure

9 Speed Metal

A bit more complex than power metal because it usually has extented instrumental sections but overall, not very complex. However, it's hard to play because it's very fast. - Metal_Treasure

10 Symphonic Metal

It's relatively complex because of its complex orchestral arrangements that have to be harmonized with typical metal elements. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Progressive Power Metal

For example - Blind Guardian, Theocracy. It's more complex than the ordinary power metal since it usually includes time signature changes, multi-layered vocals, more complex drum beats, elements from other genres (usually folk or jazz), and so on. And songs are longer. - Metal_Treasure

12 Melodic Death Metal
13 Black Metal
14 Dead Cat

Never heard of it. - zxm

15 Death Metal
16 Nu-Metal Nu-Metal

Too many people hate this genre for no good reason. Sure, Slipknot and Limp Bizkit aren't very deep or complex sounding. But listen to System of A Down, Linkin Park, and early Korn, and you will see how amazing the genre really is. Every little sound and rasp creates atmosphere.

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