Most Complicated Minecraft Items

Ever been trying to craft something and when you craft it an your just like what do I do now?

The Top Ten

1 Redstone

Let me just tell you this: It's easy to learn, and hard to master.

SOOO confusing! With all of its twists and connection lost! Its just so frustrated - Bronceye

2 Repeater Tracks

Honestly I had no idea how to use them.. I didn't know they were for activation redstone stuff.. laugh out loud - Bronceye

What are you talking about? Repeaters are easy to learn! What is up with these people?

I don't know how to use these in Minecraft Xbox

How do they work even they have no "Minecraft insructions

3 Piston

I didn't know what to do so I had
Some fun with that piston.. I put a block on top and I womdered why it was floatig.. Took me a half hour just to figure out I need a sticky piston - Bronceye

4 Crafting Table

Very simple only if you know how to use it

I'm used to playing on the Xbox so when I played the pc version and went to make a crafting table... I was just like •_• - Bronceye

5 Command Block

There is a bunch of possible commands, and to get the most out of it, you have to remember most of the commands.

6 Cauldrons

I put stuff in it... Nope... Used it as a toilet... Nope.. Took water from it.. YES! - Bronceye

7 Carrot On a Stick

I tried fishing with it... Nope.. Fought mobs with it... Nope.. Went up to a pig.. Yes! - Bronceye

8 Minecart Tracks

I hate it when you have to put down these tracks.. Why can't you just walk! Just get an early start in the morning... laugh out loud - Bronceye

9 Enchanting Table

When I got an enchanting table I wondered what those numbers were for at the side.. Then I clicked on the highest number... I got a good enchantment but I realized my xp was gone... - Bronceye

How do you read the enchantments when they're like Chinese? :-(

Why can't they make a dictionary for those little symbols?

10 Hoe


When I first started Minecraft I made a how and tried smoothing out the ground didn't work... So I went by some water and it worked.. But when the tilled ground suddenly went back to a dirt block.. •_• - Bronceye

The Contenders

11 Beacon

I couldn't figure this one out clear up until 1.6!

12 Stone Cutters

This is most confusing I can't use it

13 Anvil Anvil are a Canadian heavy metal band from Toronto, Ontario, formed in 1978. The band consists of Steve "Lips" Kudlow, Robb Reiner and Chris Robertson.

Just a bit confusing... I went to repair my boots and I didn't see that it said 7 xp to repair laugh out loud! - Bronceye

14 Redstone Repetaer
15 End Portal
16 Golden Pickaxe

Why can't you use it for iron, gold, emerald, diamonds and redstone! Why?!

17 Brewing Stand

You just Look at it and open it and then you already don't know what to do

18 Redstone Comparator

Signalstrength and subtracting and EVERYTHING is so complicated!

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