Best Computer Animated (CGI) Disney Movies Between Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios


The Top Ten

1 Wreck-it Ralph

It's getting a sequel this year! - TwilightKitsune

I'm So Glad Htoutlaws Didn't Put Zootopia On His Remix! - VideoGamefan5

2 Wall-E
3 Toy Story 3
4 Big Hero 6

I hate this movie because they killed the hot guy.

5 Toy Story 2
6 Toy Story

It was revolutionary for its time

7 The Incredibles
8 Up

This is my favorite Pixar movie. I feel saddened that I have to add it on to this list. - cjWriter1997

9 Cars
10 Moana

The Contenders

11 Finding Dory

As Overrated As It Is, Finding Dory Is Still A Good Movie - VideoGamefan5

12 Inside Out
13 Monsters, Inc.
14 Finding Nemo
15 Tangled
16 Ratatouille
17 Zootopia

Why did this win a oscar. This film makes chicken little look like an angle compared to this

This movie sucks, it has brainwashed everyone like they did with Frozen. - darthvadern

Oh great... - VideoGamefan5

18 Bolt

Why does everyone hate this movie?

WHAT THE HECK! Why is this movie at the last place?
This movie is awesome!
Especially, I like the scene when Bolt makes dog faces. That's very funny!
This movie must be placed in fifth place or something like that.

19 Frozen

Just voted to get this above Zootopia. Never thought I'd see the day I'd be declaring this movie the lesser evil.

20 Meet The Robinsons

Underrated, And It's Actually A Better Movie Than Bootopia - VideoGamefan5

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1. Frozen
2. Wreck-it Ralph
3. The Incredibles
1. Wreck-it Ralph
2. Cars
3. Toy Story 3
1. Toy Story
2. The Incredibles
3. Wreck-it Ralph

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