Top Ten Best Computer Programming Languages for Beginners

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1 Python

Great for web development, visualization,etc. and just as simple as it is powerful.

2 JavaScript

Very easy : google, facebook, reddit, twitter, wechat(online), whatsapp all using js

Well in school they taught us Java and I found it pretty simple.(even though it takes about 20 min to write a simple program! )well it's fun to learn and stuff.but I didn't take Java as my subject in school.tests in Java -not my cup of tea! - Toucan

3 C++

In my Computing with Robotics class that I had last year, we first learned C++. I found it pretty easy to understand and I recommend learning C++ if you want to start programming and then go to JavaScript afterwards. - prussian

4 Ruby

With Ruby on Rails you have the frontend, backend, database and server all in one place and configured. Just start building your app

6 Java

Good language, but I'd say programming experince is needed, or it won't make sense.

8 Perl
9 Swift
10 Haxe

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11 C
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