Top 10 Computer Science Schools in the Philippines

What college do you think ranks no. 1 when it comes to Computer science in the Philippines?

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No doubts AMA is the best

I think AMA is also competitive. After many years, AMA just proves they got what it takes especially in the CS field. - lalalgenio

AMA is the best,Best in Programming,Best in Web Design and Robotics,They have also high tech Computers.

CS in AMA has now ABET and also PACUCOA - Level IV accreditations.

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2 FEU Institute of Technology

They provide the best facilities and professors for computer science and IT. You can also take OJT programs abroad. I think they are the top computer science school in the Philippines today. Most of their alumni are working in top companies here in PH as well.

FEU Tech has a powerful CS program. It pushes you to be the best plus they have MAC PCs! I'm glad I enrolled in this school for they are the top IT School in Manila and had already produced successful alumni. - lalalgenio

Check their website ( and see for yourself why are they the top Computer Science school in the Philippines. - lalalgenio

3 Mapua - Institute of Technology

Although Mapua is known for their Engineering courses, they still prove that they can have the spotlight on IT courses. Plus their Abet Accredited which makes them top 3. - lalalgenio

4 Polytechnic University of the Philippines

PUP has poor facilities but rich in CS education. They have smart professors who gives specific instruction. Great school! - lalalgenio

5 Technological Institute of the Philippines

TIP is rising in the Philippines, they're also abet accredited which makes them a nice choice. - lalalgenio

Putangina di ko alam gagawin ko sa buhay. CS ba o IT o IS? Kingina bakit ba kasi and mahal mag-aral. Tangina talaga ng sistema. Sana communist na lang and bansa para free medcare and education for all. Jusq talaga ha ginigil niyo ko. Nahihirapan akong pumili ng course at ng college.

6 Ateneo de Manila

Ateneo has a strong CS program too, though I don't think they've proven enough to have their spotlight on that field. Though, Ateneo is sure working hard to make them no. 1 in all course types. - lalalgenio


IAcademy is getting known in the Philippines. They have a nice facility and awesome people. I know them mostly for 3d Animation courses. - lalalgenio

8 Adamson University

Multi career path opportunities of those graduates in the computer courses...

They have a solid CS curriculum at Adamson. They have great facilities too! - lalalgenio

9 De La Salle University
10 University of the East

One of the greatest schools when it comes to CS. They make sure their students graduate with great knowledge of the course. Very competitive and have nice professors. - lalalgenio

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11 University of the Philippines - Los BaƱos


12 STI College STI College STI College, formerly known as Systems Technology Institute, is the largest network of for-profit information technology based colleges in the Philippines.
13 Quezon City Polytechnic University

A lot of their professors came from PUP and FEU which makes their professors credible and intelligent, has sufficient knowledge when it comes to CS. Most of their graduates are also successful. - lalalgenio

14 Asia Pacific College
15 PATTS College of Aeronautics
16 Holy Angel University

Holy Angel University has the best professors when it comes to computer science, web development, animation, and network administration. #6CISRocks!

17 Silliman University

Fully Equiped and a very well taught by the teachers

18 University of Batangas
19 Dine
20 Malayan Colleges Laguna

It has the best overall experience for this course.

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